How to find games optimized for Xbox Series X and S

How to find games optimized for Xbox Series X and S

If you have an Xbox Series X or S, you may have noticed that some games have an X|S icon on the cover. This is because these titles received graphical improvements, more frames per second, faster loading and Smart Delivery, for example. That said, how about figuring out how to find Xbox Series-optimized games? Take a look at the step-by-step below.

How to find optimized games already installed

  1. On your Xbox Series main screen, select “My Games & Apps”;
  2. Choose the option “Games”, in the left column, and go to the “Filter” button;
  3. By selecting this button, a window will open. Choose “All types of consoles” and then “Games optimized for Xbox Series X|S”.

That way, the menu will show you a list of all the optimized games that you already have installed on your Xbox Series.

How to find more enhanced games on Xbox

  1. Go to the Microsoft Store (on the console’s main screen) and then click on “Search”;
  2. In the search field, type any letter and press, on your controller, the icon with three parallel bars;
  3. Now select the X button, on the control, for “Filter/Sort”;
  4. In the window that appears, choose “Resources”;
  5. Finally, select “Optimized for Xbox Series X|S”.

You will now see a list of various games enhanced for your console. They all have the X|S icon on the cover.

How to find more site-enhanced games

There is even one more way to search for games optimized for your Series X|S. On the Xbox website itself, there is a list of games that have optimization. Some are already available and others are not or are still in development. According to Microsoft, this list is regularly updated with new titles.

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