10 Best Apps to Hack WiFi in 2024


Is your internet connection slow and you think they are using an app to steal Wi-Fi? Or are you the one who wants to hack your neighbour’s router because you can’t pay the monthly fee right now? Or do you need to unlock the keys to the restaurant below your house?

There are many reasons why you might want a wifi hacking app, the same reasons why other people might want to hack your network. For this reason, we wanted to make this article, because, on the one hand, you will learn some tricks to unlock wireless internet keys and, on the other, you will learn how to take care of your network to prevent it from being stolen.

This way, you will understand the processes from both perspectives! After spending many hours checking that the applications and advice we will give you work, we bring you the best apps to steal Wi-Fi and the most accurate tips for the security of your network. Without further delay, let’s get started!

Applications to unblock WiFi on Android 2024 without root

Connecting to free public networks is a legal way to have free internet, but you expose yourself to vulnerabilities of all kinds. This makes it easier for others to see what you do or have, for example, when you open bank accounts or keep private information, which can be dangerous.

Despite the risks, if you need Wi-Fi just for some quick queries, we are going to recommend several apps to unblock Wi-Fi around you.

1. Free Wifi

It is an application to open Wifi wherever you are: walking down the street, in a shopping centre, on public transport or wherever. It shows you a map of the place where you are and tells you with icons where the free Wi-Fi networks are in the area up to 5 kilometres around. Includes maps of Europe, the United States and part of South America.

Some users confirm that they can see Wifi passwords; However, we believe that this depends on the area and the particular connection. Dare to try it for yourself!

  • Download for Android

2. Wifi Map: to locate free networks

Wifi Map: to locate free networks

It is one of the apps for travellers that you have to know. It is excellent as an app for travelling abroad. In addition, it is the most popular on the Play Store. It must be for a reason, don’t you think? It is one of the few applications to steal iPhone Wifi – iOS users always have it more complicated. It has the following features:

  • Maps with free access points.
  • It is very easy to use, with no complications.
  • It can be used all over the world.
  • Look for points in cafes, restaurants, hotels, city hall public networks… there are no limits!

This application finds public networks, but also those whose users have provided passwords. For example, if someone is staying in a hotel, they can provide the network password for said accommodation. This way, the rest of the users will be able to connect. This is a way to unblock Wi-Fi without having to resort to hacking. With Wifi Map you can update passwords that no longer work or have been changed.

Plus, it gives you a lot of advice regarding hacking. It is one of the most complete apps, without a doubt. Essential on your next trip.

3. Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

This application has more than 500 million internet access points in the world, so you will find one wherever you are.

  • With a single click, you can connect to the closest and most secure network you have.
  • This app connects with public and private networks, whose passwords have been provided by other users.
  • Warns if an access point is insecure or malicious. So, connect with peace of mind.
  • Allow you to share your connection with the world. You can become a hotspot for other people.

Like the previous application, Wifi Free makes it easier for you to access those networks whose passwords have been revealed or do not exist.

4. WiFi Master Key

 WiFi Master Key

It is based on a global community of users who share their WiFi, allowing others to access it for free, even if they do not have the password. It is a simple and safe method with which you do not need to steal WiFi, since they allow it. It is very secure because no one reveals your Wi-Fi password. In this way, the data of users who share free Wi-Fi is protected.

It is not an app to hack wifi on Android by any means. It is a safe alternative to connect to the internet. An excellent option if you are looking for an application to hack wifi without root. It’s safe!

5. WiFi Warden

WiFi Warden

This Android app is also based on the concept of accessing WiFi passwords and hotspots that different users have left in the database. With Wifi Warden you can perform other actions, such as checking if someone has connected to your wireless internet, and determining the connection speed, among other options.

Please note that you need an internet connection for WiFi Warden to find hotspots the first time you connect to a location. You can achieve this without needing root, but if you root your phone, you will have more options! You will know what your saved passwords are and you will be able to connect using WPS. All are completely legal. So, don’t worry because you will be doing it correctly.

How to hack and steal your neighbour’s WiFi

In this section, we will see how online hackers act. Our intention is for you to know when someone is stealing your Wifi and take action to protect yourself. Safety, above all. Also, remember that you can share mobile data and not “steal” it directly.

Get ready to learn about applications to steal Wifi, hacking programs and much more. Better to be careful and know what is currently happening. Don’t you think? It’s the only way to avoid disappointment!

The most common passwords on the internet

Human beings sometimes lack a little imagination. Surely, you have heard of studies that show the most common passwords on the Internet. With these, you will have a high probability of deciphering your neighbours’ passwords. There are several rankings, depending on the organization that does the study, but many of them are repeated. Check them out… and try your luck!

In this CNN article and this BBC article, both from April 2019, based on a survey by the United Kingdom’s National Cybersecurity Center, they presented the TOP 10:

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • password
  • 111111
  • 12345678
  • abc123
  • 1234567
  • password1
  • 12345

It is interesting how they analyzed the TOP 50 of 2019 in TeamPassword (we warn: the ranking does not usually vary much from one year to the next), with its rises, falls and some curious additions, such as ginger or biteme.

Our advice

When creating your password, whether for the internet or any other online service, you mustn’t use the most common ones – such as those mentioned above – since any password hacking application could identify it. Do you want us to share more tips with you? Well, some of the recommendations that we offer below are our own and others are from official sources, such as Panda Security and Google:

  • Use a word or phrase that identifies you—as a starting point—and modify it by alternating numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Choose random words—nothing that has to do with your personal details or hobbies—and modify them using the same technique of alternating numbers, letters or symbols.
  • Converts vowels into letters within the chosen word and/or phrase.
  • It uses password creation methods through different software, such as rolling a dice, known as Diceware.
  • Use a Sudoku-type template. Fill it with random numbers and letters. Next, choose a pattern, like the ones you use to unlock your phone. Your new password will be the result of this pattern. Don’t throw away the template so you don’t forget your password!
  • Do not use the same password on all your accounts, nor those you have used previously.
  • Do not share them with anyone, unless it is completely necessary.
  • Make sure it is a long password. Thus, it will be more difficult to decipher.
  • Update and change them from time to time. Do not use them again on any other device, page or service.
  • As an extra recommendation, if you find it difficult to remember them, use trusted software to save them.

Aircrack-ng: one of the most used apps to hack wireless networks

It is one of the most well-known and used applications, especially by Linux users. It is an app to hack Wi-Fi networks, but it also serves to know if we are being robbed in that sense. However, to use it, you need to have the following:

  • Root access to your Android.
  • That your mobile phone is compatible with the so-called monitor mode.
  • A USB WiFi adapter.
  • It uses password creation methods through different software, such as rolling a dice, known as Diceware.
  • A USB OTG adapter.
  • A computer with Ubuntu version 14 or higher.

All this is necessary so that your mobile phone is capable of capturing any data that arrives not only from the computer, but also from “ the air. ” The way to proceed varies depending on the operating system, version, model of your mobile and other factors. Therefore, our recommendation – so that you do not get confused or make mistakes – is that you go to the official Aircrack-ng website, download the app and check the availability with all your devices.

How to steal WiFi with Kali Linux

How to steal WiFi with Kali Linux

If a hacker tries to break into your account or Wi-Fi network through Kali Linux, they really have an interest in your WPA key. To achieve this, he will need time and a lot of insistence; However, in the end, he will get the Wifi key. He will have to get the program or operating system linked to Linux: Kali Linux. On the official website you can download it without problems. The steps to follow are quite clear:

  • Enter the iwconfig command in the terminal that opens, to find out which wireless network interface you have.
  • Write the command airmon-ng start wlan1 and put the WiFi card in monitor mode.
  • Set the airodump-ng mon0 command to capture all traffic through channel hops. After a while, a list of detected wireless networks will appear.
  • Stop the search with CTRL+C.
  • Enter the final command: reaver –i mon0 –b (BSSID) -c (channel) -vv.

From here, the program/system begins to decrypt the WPA key. Be very careful if someone tries this method with your network, as it is almost foolproof. Below we give you tips so that you can protect yourself from attacks.

Decrypt WLAN key with reliable programs

WEP wireless networks were so easy to crack that now all – or almost all – use the WPA-PSK or WPA2 system. The WEP is obsolete and is not recommended at all unless you have no other alternative – which would be strange.

WPA-PSK is the most widespread system – in a personal or business version – and is characterized by using the key mode shared by network users. WPA2—personal or business—is recommended by any expert in the field, as it is much more modern and difficult to steal.

There are applications to steal Wi-Fi—Android and iOS—that access WPA networks and try the most common passwords that come by default on routers. Our advice: when you sign up for a line or change modem, create a new password. Be very careful with these apps to unblock wifi wpa/wpa2 psk. Without a doubt, they are very useful for auditing Wi-Fi networks and checking their security.

Therefore, we leave you a list so you can do it yourself.

Applications to steal WiFi: audit your networks and improve your security

If you’ve come this far it’s because apps to unblock WiFi and network hacking programs haven’t been enough for you. We have already told you on other occasions – such as when we talked about hacking Facebook and reading WhatsApp conversations from another mobile phone – that these actions harm third parties and are mostly illegal. So, from now on, you are responsible!

WLAN Audit

This app uses known algorithms to access routers with their default passwords. Also, it gives information about open networks that you can connect to. It has a map where you can check the nearest access points. In addition, it also allows you to have access to more information, such as its MAC address, its encryption capabilities and different data about the accessibility of said network.

Officially, this tool was developed to find vulnerabilities in nearby access points. Therefore, the responsibility for improper use falls entirely on the user. Don’t do anything illegal!

Router keygen

Beyond being an app to know the WiFi password, Router Keygen is presented as the application to recover the password of a WiFi connection. Yes, it is the perfect app for the clueless who suddenly forget their WiFi password. It is compatible with most popular routers and its results are reliable if the password is the one that came standard. Additionally, for greater transparency, the algorithms that Router KeyGen uses are public.

It works very well and is capable of remembering your passwords, but you have to take into account the data it offers you. That is, to know the password of your router, from the solution it offers you, you have to remove the dots that appear and the last two digits. And ready! Now that is the key you were looking for.

WiFi Password

Just like the previous app, it will be very good for you if you don’t remember your Wifi password, since it recovers the one that comes standard —if you haven’t changed it, you can connect again. It is compatible with the most popular networks. Of course, most of the networks in which it works correctly are not Spanish.

Also, keep in mind that, according to some users, the network has to be green so you can see the password. Consequently, it is necessary that you be next to the router. So, it is possible that at times the use of this application becomes complicated for you. As you see, you will surely find what you need!

WiFiAudit Pro

It is one of the few alternatives you have for the iOS system. It works well for both iPhone and iPad. With Wifi Audit you can check the security of an internet connection simply and quickly. It is capable of analyzing the wireless network, helps you create highly secure WPA keys and detects possible vulnerabilities. Do you think you are sure? Check it easily with this program.


It is one of the latest developments and many experts recommend it. Decrypts Wi-Fi keys on Android, taking advantage of the vulnerability that exists in the WPS protocol. For private use, it is very effective. It allows you to check if your network has any security problems. As the title suggests, you can use it in root mode or without root. Anyway, you already know that rooting your mobile is very simple. To do it safely and without causing damage, we leave you a great manual:

This program has a very intuitive interface, so you won’t have any problems using it. Select the network you want and click “No Custom PIN.” Then you just have to follow the steps.


It is another of the most popular apps that works on networks with WPS encryption. You just have to open it and it will analyze the connections you have around you. How to use this application? We explain it to you step by step:

  • Open the app. There you will see the nearby networks.
  • Those that the software can decrypt will be marked with a green sign; and those that don’t, with a red sign and a cross.
  • Select any of the green ones.
  • Choose between two methods: with root or without root. The only difference is that, with the first, it shows you the key in question and you have to enter it if you want to enter; and with the second, you enter automatically.

As simple as that.

How to steal WiFi without being detected with long-range antennas

wifi long-range antennas

Have you ever connected to a Wi-Fi network in your office, university or at an airport to send a message or upload a photo? This is possible thanks to the range of long-range Wifi antennas. These antennas, as their name indicates, are capable of providing Wi-Fi in long-distance ranges. Unlike router antennas, long-range Wi-Fi antennas make the most of the Internet.

Its operation is simple. They have different ranges, which occupy a radius of several kilometres – from 3 km to 10km, 20 km – depending on their power. So, the account is simple: the better the power (dbm), the greater the range. For this to happen, you have to consider some aspects:

  • First of all, the distance between the signal repeater and the antenna must be minimal. The closer, the better.
  • The size of the receiving antenna is also important since it allows you to better capture the range of 2.4 or 5.8 GHz signals.
  • The signals received by these antennas are susceptible to obstacles.

So, if you have thought about how to know your neighbour’s Wi-Fi password without programs, it is better to purchase a long-range antenna, like the following models, and avoid stealing the internet.

This other antenna model is specially designed for WISP CPE and outdoor wireless networks with high power up to 1000 mW. It is a detachable omnidirectional antenna with 4 x 7 dBi. It works on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, so you can connect it to all the devices you want. In addition, the hardware has IP65 protection and lightning rods, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions.

It is an excellent option to use as a repeater, both personally and professionally.

Tips before doing something illegal

It is important that you keep in mind that at no time are we promoting wifi hacking apps or tools of this style. The use you give to the information we offer is your responsibility. Therefore, we want to give you some advice before you do something illegal:

  • First of all, keep in mind that if you connect to a foreign network, your data and information will be more vulnerable. You will be acting under your responsibility and will assume the risks that stealing Wifi entails.
  • Be careful with apps to steal Wi-Fi that you find in the Play Store or App Store, as most of them do not work and are set as a “trap” to affect your Smartphone with malware and viruses.
  • Likewise, be very careful with third-party apps and programs, as well as with .exe to hack Wifi, as you will not have any type of guarantee.
  • If you want to prevent your password from being stolen, use secure keys. Keep in mind the tips we have mentioned about this aspect.
  • You would be exposing yourself to paying a fine since it is a classified crime.
  • There are networks that are created so that inexperienced hackers can steal the keys. By doing so, other expert hackers steal their personal data. Steal from the thief, they say. Be careful because it is a very common practice.
  • Hacking passwords is not legal, so tread carefully. We will recommend programs and ways to unblock WiFi without breaking any laws. However, as we tell you, the responsibility is yours and in each country the legislation is different. We leave it in your hands!

Is it a crime to steal the WiFi signal?

it is a crime. If you are caught stealing WiFi from your neighbour—or the other way around—you should know that you can report it, since it is a minor crime of fraud. Regarding what is included and classified in the criminal code, take into account articles 266, 248 and 249. Depending on the fraud itself and the damage caused, the penalty can be a fine or imprisonment between one and three years.

Although, remember that laws are updated. Therefore, we advise you to review the official information on the pages of the government, the police or the penal code itself. However, each country has its own laws and they are applied differently. Turn to official sources in your country to inform yourself on the subject.

How to protect your network from possible thieves

We have seen how your Wi-Fi can be stolen with apps, programs, malware, common passwords and other methods. Now, it’s time to take a look at the best tips to protect your network. Pay attention!

  • Change the default username and password.
  • Activate encryption. Opt for AES instead of TKIP.
  • Activate your computer’s firewalls, the one that comes by default in Windows and your antivirus. They can sometimes be a nuisance—especially for downloads—but you have the option to disable them.
  • A VPN will be very good for you if you want extra protection. Not only at home but on your phone. Get to know the best VPN Applications for Android and iPhone.
  • Reduce your Wifi signal. If you live in a small apartment, it is possible that with 75% of the range, you will have more than enough. We reduce the remaining 25% to neighbours and passers-by eager to steal Wi-Fi.
  • Change the SSID name of your network.
  • Filter the MAC addresses that have permission to connect to your network.
  • Update your router from time to time by visiting its official website.
  • Change your password periodically.

Everything you need to know about WiFi hacking

What is the best application to steal the neighbour’s wifi?

The app that works best to steal Wi-Fi from your neighbour, which is completely legal and allows you to improve the security of your network, is WiFi Warden.

What is the name of the application to hack internet networks?

Among all the options we mentioned, Aircrack-ng is capable of hacking the internet on different devices. Being open source, it is free and you can install it on your computer, even if it has other operating systems, such as Windows.

How to use the Fing program?

Fing is a program that allows you to know if someone is stealing your internet. The steps to follow to use it are the following:

  1. Download it through the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open the application and scan the networks, using the button with a circular arrow that you will find in the upper left corner.
  3. You will see a list of the devices that are connected, their IP and MAC address.
  4. The MAC address is unique for each device, so it helps you check if your internet is being stolen. To do this, write down the MAC addresses that do not correspond to your devices or those of the people who live in your house.
  5. Open your browser and type the IP address of your router.
  6. Delete or block the MAC addresses that you have noted and do not correspond to your devices.

How to receive my neighbor’s Wi-Fi signal?

If you talk to your neighbour and they voluntarily share their network with you, you can ask them to move their router. If you cannot move it, buy a repeater and put it in your house so that you get more signal. Are you interested in learning more methods? We invite you to read our article on apps to increase the Wi-Fi signal.

How to know my neighbour’s WiFi password from my mobile in 2024?

There are several ways to know how to hack WiFi, for example:

  • An application to steal WiFi without having the key.
  • App to hack blocked WiFi.
  • Hack WiFi without applications from your mobile.
  • App to hack hidden WiFi. Etc.

As you can see, there are many ways to steal your neighbour’s internet. However, it is not something that we recommend.

The intention of presenting you in this post various applications and programs to unblock, steal or hack Wi-Fi is to alert you of what someone, with bad intentions, can do to you. We in no way encourage you to hack anyone’s network. On the contrary, this article will be very useful when it comes to knowing how to protect your Wi-Fi network at home, for example, how to prevent your neighbour from stealing your internet signal.

Also, you have to know that there are many scams and scams online that promise you passwords for other people’s WiFis, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many of them are malware, so be very careful when installing them. We are not responsible for the use you give to these applications and programs, nor for the consequences they may have on your device.

Furthermore, as we have already mentioned, keep in mind that Wi-Fi hacking apps not only represent bad practices, but their use constitutes a crime. We repeat any improper use of the information presented here is the sole and exclusive responsibility of each person. We do not encourage any practice that violates current law.


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