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Facebook Messenger Rooms: How to video chat with up to 50 people

Facebook has released the video conference software “Messenger Rooms” that can replace Zoom and Group Facetime, and distributed to a small number of users. Now, Facebook has officially released Messenger Rooms that everyone can use.

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Facebook’s blog post today further explains how the Messenger Rooms platform works:

You can start and share “rooms” on Facebook through News Feed, Groups, and Events, which can be accessed by up to 50 people at any time. You have the right to choose who can view and enter your room, or when you do not want someone to enter, you can remove the person from the room and block their access.

How to use messenger room

Your “room” will be displayed at the top of the news feed or prompted by notification. Facebook emphasizes that whether it’s a person on your friends list or a person with whom you share a link, you have full control to determine who can enter your room.

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If your friends or community have created rooms that are open to you, you will see these rooms on Facebook, so you can do the corresponding things and interact with the appropriate people. When you are invited to a room, you can enter directly from your phone or computer – you don’t need to download anything to get started.

Privacy and security are the primary considerations for the created room, so you can comfortably connect with friends, family and the community. Facebook does not monitor your calls, the person who created the room controls who can join and view the room, and whether the room is blocked or unlocked for new guests. The call must be made when the room creator is present, and the creator can remove the room guest at any time.

Messenger rooms allows up to 50 people for video chat

Although it has been officially released, the software still has some limitations. For example, only Facebook users in North America can create a Messenger Room from Facebook; users in other countries will be limited to creating rooms from the Messenger app.

You can download the Facebook app and Messenger app from the app store. You can also try this feature in the Facebook Messenger app on macOS.


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