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How to Bypass Your Lock Screen Pattern on Android Devices Using CMD

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Bypass android pattern lock using windows ‘cmd’

Our smartphones today have become an integral part of our everyday lives and our  smartphone companies  are very much aware of this. So, they provided us with the Phone Lock system to improve the security and privacy of our smartphones. most smartphones have pattern lock, pin, or Face unlock. Nowadays phones have Fingerprint sensor too, which makes it easier to unlock your phones and takes  less amount of time to unlock your phone compared to the use of pin or lock pattern . But what if we forget that security password? have you ever come across such a situation where you forgot your phone’s pattern lock?  and after numerous attempts, we take our phones to the experts that who in turn  get these damn things open of course at a price and at the cost of erasing all our data. In this article, I’ll show you how to tackle this situation by following a step by step procedure on howto bypass the Android pattern lock using cmd (command prompt).
Yup!  You can bypass your Android Lock using CMD. So…. let’s start from the basics first.

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What is CMD?

CMD, popularly known as command prompt is a tool provided in Windows Operating system. With it you can control your entire computer, this  includes copying files from one folder to another, hiding your files, opening apps, checking details of connected wireless devices and even shutting down your PC. all you need to do is learn some  commands and it’s as easy as that.
 Now that  we know what CMD is , we can proceed with the topic at hand.

How to Bypass you Android Pattern lock using CMD.

Before you begin this procedures, you have to make sure some things are in place;

1. Make sure the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is installed on your computer.

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Download ADB files and drivers.

2. Enable DEVELOPERS OPTION, to enable DEVELOPERS OPTION, follow the steps listed below;

  • Open up Settings and scroll to ABOUT PHONE
  • Tap on BUILD NUMBER seven times to enable DEVELOPERS OPTION.

 If you’ve enabled this option, you can skip it and proceed to the next step

3.After you have enabled DEVELOPERS OPTION, Open it and scroll down to “USB DEBUGGING” on your Android device and enable it;

Go to Settings >> Developer Option >> USB debugging >> Check the box.

Screenshot 20191008 135645
How to enable developers option

NOTE: USB debugging is intended for development purposes only. Use it to copy data between your computer and your Android device, install apps on your device without notification and read log data.

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Now when you are done and are very sure, you can go ahead and follow the steps below;

  • Connect  your smartphone to your PC with a USB cable and make sure that you have an active pattern lock.
  • Now right click on  the ADB folder while pressing the SHIFT key and select “Open with Command Prompt”. The mentioned folder will be in Local Disk C.
  • On the CMD window, type ADB devices and then tap enter.
  • At this point type ADB shell, then tap enter.
  • The shell will open and after that type “su” ( superuser, you are now a root user).
  • After entering, type “rm/data/system/gesture.key”then tap enter.
  • Disconnect your phone from PC and you are good to go.
  • You can now enter any random pattern on your mobile device and it will accept it without any “Wrong Pattern” notice. After you have opened your Android device, I’d advise you to change the pattern to one that you can easily remember to avoid such occurrences in the nearest future.

To change the pattern lock;
Go to settings >> security >> Screen Lock >> Change the pattern.

Screenshot 20191008 134705

Disclaimer: This is for educational purpose. This post in no way encouraging anyone to hack into other person’s privacy.

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