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How to Change Bitmoji Gender

The Internet age has given us endless opportunities to establish ourselves as human beings. Indeed, the possibilities are unmatched, with all kinds of different social media platforms and ideas associated with them. 

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However, while other social media platforms are full of good ideas, there isn’t one that even comes close to the popularity of Bitmoji.

First of all, the platform lets you choose between 40 skin tones, 50 hair treatments, a variety of colors, and more to customize your digital avatar to look just like you. There are even different styles, such as Bitmoji Classic and Bitmoji Deluxe, to ensure that you create the Bitmoji that you prefer to look at.

Even crazier, you can take a selfie from the Bitmoji mobile app and it will try to recreate you from the inside out. While this is never a perfect solution, you usually get a decent base to build on. This way, you always have the option to create a Bitmoji that looks exactly like you.

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Bitmoji was bought by Snapchat back in 2016 for $ 64 million, which has helped the app grow in popularity. In fact, Snapchat acquired Bitstrips, the company that created Bitmoji, then the characters were incredibly small compared to what they are now. 

Integrations with the Snapchat app and even iMessage have certainly changed that. Users use these avatars to showcase their feelings, their thoughts, and more. Two Bitmojis can even interact with each other, depending on whether both have one in the conversation or not.

However, with all this customization, some users may want to change their Bitmoji gender to prove themselves even more. This could be due to random gender selection upon creation, or perhaps the person is changing gender and wants to be featured in their Bitmoji. Either way, this guide will teach you how to change the gender of your Bitmoji in just a few easy steps.

How to change the gender of Bitmoji

If you accidentally choose the wrong gender for your Bitmoji, or just want to change it for any reason, we’ll show you how to fix it.

When you first download the Bitmoji mobile app, you need to choose which gender you want. However, if you’ve already gone through this step and want to change the gender of a previously created Bitmoji, follow these tips.

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Log into the Bitmoji app on your iPhone or Android device. From there, sign in using your Snapchat email or ID and password. Then click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to the “Settings” segment from there.

From the list of settings, go to the “My Account” tab and click on it. Then select “Reset Avatar”. The app will ask if you are sure you want to reset your avatar. Select “Yes” and you will be presented with a screen for selecting a gender between a man and a woman. Basically, you are creating a new one here. However, the steps to make your avatar look like you again are very simple. Just go through the creation process from there and recreate the one you had before – albeit now with a different gender. Or make a completely different look. It’s up to you! Express yourself however you prefer.

How to change bitmoji gender

Customization and Personalisation

Now that you know how to change your Bitmoji gender, you can still focus on customizing all the other aspects of your digital avatar. It’s amazing how many different possibilities there are.

You can gift your Bitmoji with different colors and stylized hats, glasses, earrings and other accessories. This is not to mention the variety of shirts, pants, jackets, shoes and other traditional garments. There are also holiday outfits that you can wear or even buy to support the Bitmoji developers.

Over time, these settings will only increase. Again, you’ll be surprised at how limited these options were when the app first came out. If it weren’t for Snapchat, we would never have an alternative to these bitmoji.

However, iOS is trying to compete with them. They now have their own version of Bitmoji that tracks your face and even evokes emotions like yours. If you smile, the digital avatar smiles. It’s the same with blinking and other interactions. This is insane modern technology that will only get better. Let’s see how Snapchat stands up to this.

Otherwise, we hope this guide helped you. Hopefully you can choose the gender you prefer for your Bitmoji. Don’t forget to check out this apps to swap faces on your Android and iOS phone.

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