8 Best Period Tracker Apps in 2024

period tracker apps

Are you looking for the best menstruation app to control your period? I know how frustrating it can be to not know your menstrual cycle, feel the pain, and not prevent your clothes from getting stained. This is how my gynaecologist recommended that I use a menstrual calendar to help me predict when my next period would be.

But what is the best application for the rule? And what is the difference with a personal agenda app? In this article, I will give you some recommendations so that you can choose the one that most appeals to you and thus enjoy a fuller and healthier life.

Best Applications to Manage and Track your menstruation

While you can record your period in a free calendar app, it is much more effective to do so with a menstrual calendar. This way you will know if you are irregular and give your gynaecologist a record of your period. Next, I will tell you which are the best apps for menstruation in 2024 and what makes them special.

1. Menstrual Calendar

Menstrual Calendar

This app is one of the best known due to the simple way it has to mark your start and end of the period. Some of its best features are making notes of symptoms (e.g. cramps, pelvic pain, nausea, etc.), predicting the date of ovulation, and setting reminders for birth control pills.

If you are looking for applications for pregnant women, you should know that the Menstrual Calendar will indicate your fertile days. In this way, it will be your perfect ally to improve your family planning and fulfil your dream of being a mother without problems.

2. Clue: menstrual calendar

Clue: menstrual calendar

Clue is an app designed by a female-led team of scientists that has everything you need to track your period: menstrual calendar, birth control, and ovulation calculator.

Various media such as Techcrunch and The Daily Mail have recommended it, and it has also been rated as the best menstruation app by the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists). Without a doubt, using Clue you will have total control of your cycles.

3. Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

Like any health and wellness app, a menstrual calendar should help you control your periods and detect symptoms to prevent any early or late periods. In this case, Flo can help you track your cycles to identify possible ovulation dates and fertility rates.

Considered one of the best four apps to record your hormonal cycle, Flo is perfect for controlling your menstruation. It also has a virtual assistant that will help you cope with premenstrual symptoms and late or irregular periods.

4. WomanLog Period Calendar

Woman Log

This is another good app that you can use to control your menstrual cycle because, in addition to having a period tracker, it can also predict when your fertile days are. Other features are the selection of more than 100 symptoms, daily reminders and data synchronization between devices.

WomanLog app has three modes: period tracker, pregnancy and menopause mode. You can protect your data with a password and set pregnancy mode. If you combine it with an app to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, it will be quite an experience. Woman Log is free, with a premium subscription option to remove ads and have advanced features.

5. Maya


Winner of the most innovative Facebook applications of 2017, Maya allows you to monitor your symptoms and see all the phases of your cycle in different colours. The good thing is that it includes a community of users, where you can ask questions and receive advice from experts on the subject of health.

If your period is irregular, you can adjust the length of your menstrual cycle to get more accurate predictions. And if you’re concerned about the privacy of your data, you can use passwords so that no one else can access your account.

6. Cycles – Menstrual calendar

Cycles – Menstrual calendar

Along with Clue and Flo, Cycles is among the best five apps to control your menstruation endorsed by experts. But this application stands out for allowing you to share data with your partner. That way, you will both be involved in family planning and he will be aware of your mood.

Some of its features are the use of Face ID or code to protect your account, easy recording of symptoms or mood changes, and advanced menstrual cycle tracking. The premium version allows you to set personalized reminders to know your fertile days more accurately.

7. Paula’s menstrual calendar

Paula's menstrual calendar

Paula is designed by a team of gynecologists and fertility experts, who use the symptothermal method to create your own menstrual calendar. In short, it is a body thermometer app aimed at predicting your next period with your body temperature.

Among its functions are cycle control, prediction of the next ovulation date and birth control pill reminders. The best thing is that you can download all the information to send it to your doctor and thus obtain a good diagnosis of your health.

8. Eve

Eve period tracker

According to the Medical News Today site, Eve is a good app to view your menstrual cycle if you have an active sex life. This is because it has resources to improve libido and control intimacy in your relationships.

This app uses AI to give you accurate information about your menstruation, as well as give you recommendations to optimize your fertile days. It also allows you to be part of a community to share your experiences and help others who have the same doubts regarding their health and body.

I hope this article helps you to have control over your period and learn more about your body. If you know of any other menstruation apps that should be on this list, leave your suggestions in the comments. And don’t forget to share it with a friend who needs to calculate her period more accurately than she would with a virtual calendar.

Apps for menstruation: warnings and precautions

When approaching the topic of period apps, it is essential to keep in mind some warnings and precautions. These apps can be useful tools for tracking your menstrual cycle, predicting your next menstruation dates, and recording your symptoms. However, we must also be aware of their limitations and use them wisely.

First and foremost, we must remember that no menstrual tracking app can replace medical advice. Although these applications can provide general information and predictions based on the data you enter, they cannot diagnose diseases or health problems.

If you are experiencing concerning symptoms or have specific questions about your menstrual health, it is always advisable to consult a health professional, as noted by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Additionally, the accuracy of these apps’ predictions largely depends on the regularity of your cycle and the accuracy of the data you enter. If you have an irregular cycle, the apps’ predictions may not be as accurate, as mentioned in a study published in the journal Nature.

Likewise, it is vital to take data privacy into account. Many menstrual tracking apps collect very personal information. Therefore, be sure to read and understand the app’s privacy policies before providing any information. The publication WIRED made a list of menstrual control apps based on data privacy.

It is essential to consider the legal context and potential uses of data collected by menstrual tracking apps. A recent and worrying example arises from the United States, where the recent Supreme Court ruling limiting the right to abortion has led to warnings about the possible use of data from these applications in lawsuits against women who have chosen to terminate their pregnancies. In this NY Times article, you have all the information about it.


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