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5 Apps to Track Pregnancy 2023

Knowing what are the best types of exercises or how the baby is inside the uterus, are some relevant options found in apps to track pregnancy. In addition, they serve to remind you when to take that important medication or to adjust the appointment schedule. After we found out my wife got pregnant, we started using five apps. Check out more about them in the lines below.

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Best Apps to Track Pregnancy

1. My Pregnancy and My Baby Today (BabyCenter)

One of the most popular pregnancy tracking apps we’ve seen, we started using it after the suggestion of acquaintances. Overall, it delivers relevant information to the mother, from a counter of days and weeks to a form of comparison with fruits about the baby’s weight and size.

In addition, the app offers daily tips and readings on the subject. Ads in the free version are discreet and don’t get in the way. The point that my wife liked the most was the option of interacting with other users to exchange experiences about everything from some kind of discomfort to possible names for the baby.

2. Pregnancy+

With the use of this app, it is possible to create an estimate of the birth from the number of weeks presented. He also offers articles and assists in producing a trousseau list. We like the organization of data and icons.

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For those who like to see how their development is going, this pregnancy tracking app shows the baby’s weight and length, comparing it to fruits, vegetables, treats and even animals. The premium version allows the creation of lists, kick counters, contraction timers and birth plans.

3. My Pregnancy Week by Week

Not departing much from what we’ve seen in previous pregnancy tracking apps, this option features clear pregnancy progress. Weight, baby size compared to fruit, estimated day of birth. Everything is there. However, the many ads that interrupt browsing can be tiresome.

Even so, the news, information and tips for the mother can help a lot in daily use. If you decide to purchase the paid version, the user will have additions such as weight control and contractions, in addition to the most important thing: the removal of advertisements.

4. My Pregnancy by Paula

Even with such an unusual name, this is the app that my wife liked the most and continues to use until the moment of publication of this article. The layout is very organized and beautiful. Everything is presented clearly so as not to confuse the user. In addition to having all the features mentioned in the alternatives above.

The app displays days, weeks and months of pregnancy. It allows the mother to report her condition such as pain and swelling to help her understand what is going on from articles and everyday tips. There’s even a FAQ to answer as many questions as possible. Too bad it’s only available for Android.

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5. PregNur

This pregnancy tracking app option differs from the others presented here because of its focus: exercises. By teaching and suggesting various physical movements for the pregnant woman, PregNur is intended to help pass the months with greater tranquillity.

Unfortunately, many of these suggestions require the use of materials that the person sometimes does not have at home, such as a pilates ball or weights. In addition, everything is in English, reducing the reach of the app. Finally, it is worth noting that there is a calculator and a calendar to follow up, as well as an alarm for medications.

With these pregnancy tracking apps, you can prepare yourself even better for the big day of your baby’s birth. Of course, they should never replace the supervision of a doctor, but they are valid for more casual use. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience!

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