5 Best Apps to Earn Money Driving


Most American households have at least one vehicle, and for a large number of people, maintaining it means facing significant expenses, from insurance to fuel to maintenance and repairs.

But what if your car was not only an expense but also a source of income? Thanks to the changes in smartphone applications and the rise of the collaborative economy, it is now possible.

From offering taxi services or making food deliveries to renting advertising space in your vehicle, the opportunities are immense, you can find the best resources and apps to drive and earn money in the United States.

In this post, you will discover the 5 best apps that will allow you to maximize your profits with your car.

5 Applications to Drive and Earn Money

1. Uber


Uber stands out as a leading application in the field of ride-sharing, being a profitable platform for those who want to turn driving into a source of income. With a vast presence in the US and internationally, its popularity is undeniable among millions of users.

The registration process for Uber is simple and direct: you must be over 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license and have car insurance. Likewise, it is essential to pass a background check and submit your vehicle for an inspection. Once validated, you will only have to activate the application and you will be ready to respond to travel requests.

The standard wage for someone working for Uber is about $19 per hour, not including tips. However, this amount will depend on the area where you live, the time you drive and the distance of your trips.

2. Lyft


Lyft, in direct competition with Uber, offers a similar service allowing drivers to connect with passengers who require transportation. With a presence in more than 300 cities across the US, Canada and other territories, Lyft’s expansion is evident.

To become a driver, simply download the app, which is available on iOS and Android. Afterwards, complete your driver’s profile, provide your license, and go through a background check. Upon approval, you will be ready to receive notifications from users requesting transportation.

With Lyft, it’s possible to earn up to $17 per hour, including tips, and like with Uber, earnings depend on factors such as location, number of rides, and driving times.

3. Doordash


If food delivery is more your style, drive-thru apps like DoorDash are a great option. This platform allows you to work as a food delivery person, collecting orders from various establishments and bringing them to the customer’s home. It is an experience similar to delivering pizzas, but with the freedom to choose your schedules and without being tied to a single restaurant.

As a DoorDash driver, you must take into account the price of gas and maintaining your car. Still, almost all of these expenses can be deducted from your profits. In terms of earnings, a DoorDash delivery driver can earn between $18 and $27 per hour.

4. Uber Eats

uber eats

Uber Eats is an extension of Uber that competes in the field of car delivery applications. As with Doordash, you have the advantage of choosing the work schedule that suits you and you are not obliged to deliver food from a single establishment.

As an Uber Eats delivery driver, you need to consider the cost of gas and maintenance of your vehicle. However, many of these expenses can be deducted from your earnings. In terms of income, an Uber Eats delivery driver can earn between $20 and $30 per hour, depending on demand, distance, and tips.

To work with Uber Eats, you need to meet some requirements, such as being at least 19 years old, having a valid ID, driver’s license, and car insurance. You also need to upload your documents through the Uber Driver app and wait for them to be reviewed and approved. Once you’re ready, you can start accepting orders and earning money.

5. Grubhub


This is another great food delivery platform, operating throughout the United States, where you can choose your own hours and work according to your availability. Additionally, in many cases, drivers also have the opportunity to receive tips, which can significantly increase their earnings.

Another advantage is that you can access special offers and rewards for being part of Grubhub. For example, you can get discounts on gas, vehicle maintenance, health insurance, and other services. On the other hand, Grubhub guarantees many of its drivers a minimum hourly wage, even if they don’t receive orders. This prevents drivers from earning less than minimum wage if they log in on a slow day.

Drivers for this food delivery app can earn between $12 and $30 per hour, depending on demand, distance, and tips. The average hourly pay is $29. However, these earnings may vary depending on the city and time.

To become a Grubhub driver, you must complete an online registration form. The survey verifies that you have a working cell phone, that you are at least 19 years old, and that you are comfortable dealing with restaurants and people.

Once you complete the survey, you will receive a confirmation email. To start delivering orders, you’ll need to complete an online onboarding session or an in-person interview

Turn your car into a source of income

In short, there are several applications available that allow drivers in the United States to earn money with their cars. Whether transporting passengers or making food deliveries, there is always an opportunity to make money driving.

Remember, each app has its own payment requirements and rates, so it’s essential to do your research and select the one that best suits your needs and availability.


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