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7 Tips to Keep In Mind While Playing Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme Gold is a modern version of the ancient Pachisi board game which was played in India for generations. The game follows the rules of the traditional game and the online multiplayer mode takes on an interesting spin with how it’s played. 

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Online ludo can be played solo, against the computer or against other friends. The multiplayer option lets players from different countries participate globally and compete against each other in tournaments. 

If you’ve been working your way towards winning your very first ludo championship, you may be looking for tips on how to improve your game. For those who have signed up for the free version of ludo supreme gold, here is how to win against opponents online. 

Tip 1: Go For The Kill

When you’re moving your pieces across the board, don’t just wait it out. Go for the kill and try to take down your opponents’ pieces before they reach home. Playing aggressively from the start will ensure your chances of an early victory. 

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Tip 2: Change Your Throw Timings

Online ludo’s gameplay mechanics are different from the offline board game. Timing is key and if you’re trying to win, this is a useful tip. Try changing the timings of your throw and put some space between them. This will ensure better rolls on the die and get your pieces moving. 

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Tip 3: Move Your Pieces To Different Locations Across The Board

It’s not a good idea to stack your pieces on one side and focus on moving just one or two of them. If you’re playing the multiplayer version of online ludo, it’s a good idea to move your pieces across the board and make the most of the game. 

Additionally, when you move your pieces to different places on the board, you avoid getting them blocked by your opponents or killed too easily. 

Tip 4: Open All Your Pieces ASAP

You should decide from the beginning whether to take on a defensive approach or play offensively. However, you’ll find your odds of winning increase if you actually open all your pieces from the start. Don’t wait too long before making a move and stop waiting for the timer to run out. Not letting your opponent have momentum in the game is key to keeping up your pace. 

Ludo may be a game of luck in the end but there are some things you can control that can turn the tables in your favour. 

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Tip 5: Be Active, Play Consistently

The pandemic has given a lot of people more spare time to indulge in their hobbies and games. If you sound like one of them or are thinking of playing ludo for money, there are plenty of chances for you to win cash prizes. 

Various online ludo tournaments are posted on the Ludo Supreme Gold app and you can find more details about this by getting yourself a free ludo game download on your Android device. It doesn’t cost you a dime and the more you play, the more you earn. 

However, what nobody tells you about the pros is that they keep playing. If you’re serious about making it to the top, you should play online ludo often and keep competing. Take part in the weekly and monthly tournaments and focus on staying within the leaderboard rankings. There’s also a Ludo Supreme Gold Whatsapp group that gets talked about on the official Facebook Page. 

Keep an eye out for that and join it because the latest updates about upcoming tournaments and cash prize redemptions get posted there first before being made official on the app and website.

Tip 6: Watch The Pros

There’s no better way to win the game and level up your skills than by watching the pros get to work. Go to the Ludo Supreme Gold YouTube channel and watch their recorded live streams. Granted, these are long plays and take a while to go through but you will get tons of insider tips and tricks on how to beat the game. 

The pros have been at it for a while and by watching them, you can learn a lot. It’ll save you time since you’ll know what plays are well-known to players and customise your gameplay approach accordingly. Additionally, it familiarises you with the different rules of the game. 

Tip 7: Have Fun!

It’s an underrated tip. No amount of playing ludo will do you any good if you don’t enjoy the game. Make sure you have a fun time and don’t set any expectations. Invite your friends and play with other players online to get the hang of it. There are various levels to explore and if you’re playing online ludo, you’ll stay entertained for hours. It’s really hard to get bored and there are many different gaming modes to try out. 

Bonus Tip: Support The Developers & Give Feedback

If you notice any bugs in the game, it’s a good idea to screen capture and send that to the game developers. This will get you extra brownie points and you can win some rewards or bonuses off-game. There’s a whole career path option for game testers and there’s no end to what can be done. 

For now, all we’ll say is that by giving feedback and telling developers what you think about the current releases, you ensure future improvements added into the game. Plus, it’ll be a lot more fun when they implement the features or recommendations you give through your feedback! 


That’s all there is to playing online ludo when it comes to making the most of these tips and tricks. Be sure to experiment with your gameplay, study how others win and keep grinding. If you’re a serious player and are in it for the prizes, you will get there eventually. For now, just make sure you do your best and don’t stop playing! You can also play online ludo with your family remotely as long as you have a tablet or Android device.

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