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6 apps to learn programming

Knowing how to program can be the path to several job opportunities nowadays. Despite the courses and even degrees available, it is possible to start studies using programming applications, which have exercises to understand different languages ​​and practice. As well as learning a new language, programming also requires a lot of dedication. Discover some of these apps.

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1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a JavaScript-focused programming learning app. The software is free and available for Android and iOS . To make the exercises easier, it features a drag-and-drop code editor system, as well as a user-friendly interface; very practical for those starting out. With this app, you learn JavaScript basics like functions, variables and methods.

2. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a free app available for Android and iOS . If you are looking for an application to learn several programming languages ​​in one place, this is a good option. According to the app’s developers, it’s possible to learn and master up to 18 languages ​​with Programming Hub.

The promise is that you will find courses complete with more than 1,800 programs and that you will be able to study and practice them in your own time. In fact, all study material is also available offline.

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3. Pampering

This app, free for Android and iOS , has a slightly more objective approach and is focused on projects that you are already looking to develop in the real world. Mimo also offers different ways to learn and has a simple and friendly interface.

With small lessons that you can practice without taking up too much of your time, the app uses a gamification system for studies, with rewards that encourage you to keep programming. You will have the opportunity to learn some languages ​​and technologies, such as: Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL and PHP.

4. Encode

Free for Android and iOS , Encode is a JavaScript-based app and very interesting for beginners. The interface is easy to use and even offers well explained tutorials. Each step-by-step provides essential notes to get you started, so it’s simple to follow along and/or go back to remember.

As the application has short lessons, the information retention factor is usually higher, which reduces the frustration of not being able to learn a lot at the same time. The tutorials also offer feedback, according to your performance, which helps you to better assess your progress in studies.

5. Enki

The Enki app has a good range of courses ranging from Python and JavaScript to Spreadsheets and Airtable. The app (as well as the other apps on this list) also features a very attractive and accessible interface for novices. Enki, available for Android and iOS , brings many free features (just download and use), but you can also subscribe to the Pro plan monthly to have access to all the platform’s content.

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6. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a free app for Android and iOSand offers courses in various programming languages, such as: JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, Swift, Java, C++, PHP and Ruby. The app has a series of entry-level exercises to help beginners. To boost your willingness to learn, the app’s social platform allows you to compare your results with others.

Despite the focus on beginners, SoloLearn can also appeal to those who already have a more developed level of programming, as there are some exercises a little more complex as well.

And these were just a few free programming apps, mostly, and with good didactics for beginners. Do you have any more suggestions? So share with us in the comments!

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