Why people are getting older faster?

by George Philip
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There are certain things that can make you age faster like obesity. Obesity is a certain condition where your weight is much higher than the average. It is a biological condition and can be a reason for many diseases and may cause you to age much faster. The half-birthday calculator by year may indicate you are getting older much quicker than it should be according to your biological age. This can be a cause of faster obesity and getting older as compared to your fellow being. Better to adopt an active life, to become younger and stylish in life.

Obesity and ageing process:

Obesity now become a disease in the USA, and an estimate shows over two thirds of adults have become obese. This is due to irregular eating habits, the main food for most Americans is Fast Food. 

This food has extra calories, which can be more than the required level of calories for a person. The normal calorie level for a person per day is around 2000 calories, when you are eating too much, then you are eating more calories than the required level. half birthday calculator will help you if you are obese, you can observe you are looking much older than your biological age. 

The data in USA:

The data show around 1 out of 3 are obese, and even children have become obese in America. Data shows they have higher cholesterol levels, which is not acceptable at their age. The half birthday calculator indicates some of the children have more weight which is desired according to their BMI index. Data has shown obesity has doubled from 1991 to 1998 throughout the world. Nearly 40 % of US citizens are obese and they can be the prey of many diseases.

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Our diet and obesity 

Our diet also has a direct relationship with obesity. People do think only fatty food can be the reason for the ageing process. 

For information, you need to understand carbohydrates increase the blood sugar level and stimulate the production of insulin by the pancreas. Insulin in turn increases the production of the fat cells in our body. 

Research has shown that simple carbohydrates like sugar, fructose, and soft drinks are readily absorbed in our bloodstream and can cause us to increase our weight more readily. 

Complex carbohydrates like (fruit and vegetables) on the other hand help to reduce weight. 

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Fruit-like oranges and vegetables like lemon have substances, which help to remove the fatty cells. People drinking beers and soft drinks in more quantity readily become obese. The half birthday date calculator shows these people are older than their actual age. 

Sugar level and ageing process:

The main reason they are drinking too much sugar, which is readily absorbed in their bloodstream. 

  • This double impact on their body due to such drinks is that they gain weight due to such drinks due to increased levels of calories in such drinks. 
  • The other thing which is causing the appetite is such people usually eat fast food along with such drinks. 
  • Have you ever thought about why soft drinks are served along with the PIZZA? 

The main reason is just to increase your appetite and eat more. This can also increase the weight of such a person. The half-birthday calculator shows obese people are older than their actual age.

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