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What you need to know about Xiaomi Products and its Ecosystem

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If you are a #MiFan and you thought you knew everything about the leading Chinese technology brand, well, you probably don’t know about some products, so get ready to meet all the wonderful products that Xiaomi makes and you will know why it has us all totally hooked on its ecosystem. The Xiaomi ecosystem is a world apart within the world market.

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 and released its first smartphone in August 2011. This was the starting point for one of the brands that has grown the most in recent years with a 14% global smartphone shipments market share in Q1 2021. Xiaomi stepped up their game by developing a wider range of consumer electronics from smart home products to accessories for gaming, fitness trackers, Electric Scooter….Unstoppable growth based on a clear premise; give the customer what they need.

What makes them totally different from other competitors who try similar strategies is that Xiaomi simply meets more than expectations in each of its products not just that but with #honestprices. They have managed to be synonymous with quality and that creates a really powerful bond with the consumer. So without further ado, let’s do a little review on the ecosystem and products.

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Mi Band (Fitness Tracker)

All generations of Mi Band

The world’s second most shipped wearable. The first Mi band was unveiled during a Xiaomi launch event on 22 July 2014. The band tracks your activity, such as sleep and fitness.

The Mi band 6 is the latest band released in April, 2021. The band has improved over the years with even newer and better features such as the 1.56″ AMOLED display, Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Barometer, SpO2 sensor, Vibration, Touchpad, NFC (some models). The watch also features 30 workout modes and a big bag that can last 14 days.

Although, the Mi band is actually made by Huami Technologies (now Zepp Health Corporation), maker of smart wearables. In addition to the Mi Band, Huami also makes other products for Xiaomi which leads us to the next product.

Mi Smart Scale

Mi Smart Scale

Xiaomi cares about your health and there you have it; a smart scale that makes measurements ranging from 5kg to 150kg, with a 50g precision.

With Bluetooth 4.0 equipped on Mi smart scale, it can be paired with the Mi Fit app, which itself pairs with the Mi Band (Xiaomi’s fitness wristband), you are able to track your weight and BMI.

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Mi smart scale and Mi Fit app are compatible with both Android and iOS– so even if you don’t own a Xiaomi phone, you can still use the scale.

Mi Robot Vacuum

Mi Robot Vacuum

That robots do things better than humans is almost a reality. If we enter the world of order and home cleaning, we can categorically affirm that, yes, they are better.

On this occasion, Xiaomi scores a tremendous goal in the market by taking out a line of products for wellness and cleaning. A fashion that we are convinced will last for many years.

Xiaomi has been one of the best-selling vacuum cleaner brands for years thanks to its sub-brand, Roborock.

The first time the Mi robot vacuum is used, it creates a map. The map created can be deleted or automatically saved for future cleanings.

Automatic tank emptying, sweeping, scrubbing, turning to the charging base and smart sensors throughout the robot body.

Mi Drone (FIMI)

Mi Drone (FIMI)

Fimi is Xiaomi’s range of high-quality drones. High-end technology and design with lines reminiscent of the top brands in the sector. Maximum control, stability and flight time with Fimi drone models.

Fimi has bet on quality, launching only a single drone a year, concentrating all its power and quality in drones with incredible results. With this line of products, the Asian giant enters every house in the world with a range of quality products adapted to all ages. A fantastic idea!

Xiaomi FIMI X8SE 2020, the drone with the best value for money on the market.

FPV Drone – 3-axis mechanical gimbal – Foldable and portable design – Intelligent flight modes – Control range up to 8000 meters – Flight autonomy of 35 minutes – Precise visual position system – 4K camera – RTF.

Yi Surveillance Camera

Yi Surveillance Camera

With this range of products Xiaomi scored an incredible goal in the technology market. A range of smart cameras with surprising performance and range for home automation and home security lovers. Products designed to meet the demands of the most gourmet technology consumers.

Undoubtedly a total bestseller from the Xiaomi Ecosystem!

Thanks to Yi, you can set up a high-level surveillance system with cameras inside and outside the home. Control what happens at home thanks to the Yi Applications on your smartphone and access live images at any time. You can talk, take photos and even record what is happening. Everything is possible with the brands of the Xiaomi Ecosystem.

Mi WiFi+

The Mi WiFi+ is a wireless repeater announced by Xiaomi in 2015.

Mi Air Purifier

Mi Air Purifier

With the emission of harmful gases and pollutants to the environment, the Mi air purifier plays an important role in removing contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality.

The Mi air purifier is capable of cleaning up to 406 m3 of air in an hour. The device uses HEPA technology to reduce polluting particles from as high as 600 ppm to 2.5 ppm. It has a real-time air quality monitor. You can sync it with your smartphone to control it remotely, receive air quality data, and be alerted when the air filter is dirty.

Xiaomi Electric Cars

It is worth noting that Xiaomi announced recently that they will launch an electric car business with $10 billion investment, starting with an initial investment of $1.5 billion.

The Chinese smartphone giant will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to run its electric vehicle business and Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, will also serve as CEO of that subsidiary as well.

Mi Air Charge

It’s basically a wireless power station that figures out where your phone is within the room and fires a narrow beam towards it which can be convert by the phone into charge. But here is what I believe you should know about it.

And that’s it so far for a small review of the surprising and infinite world of brands that Xiaomi encompasses that are setting the trend in 2021. In addition to these most prominent brands, the Xiaomi ecosystem has brands such as:

  • Aqara
  • Roidmi
  • Deerma
  • Qcy
  • Inface
  • Yeelight
  • Haylou
  • Xiaomi Enchen
  • Xiaomi Imi
  • Xiaomi 70mai.

You can stop by at their website to know more about them.

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