What is Snapdragon?

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What is Snapdragon?

The name is already on the rise in the technological environment, whether in mobile phones or other portable devices. See below, what Snapdragon is and where this line of Qualcomm processors operates, what are the main differences between the models. In addition to being much talked about for smartphones, processors are already taking positions on other devices.

What is Snapdragon?

Snapdragon is the brand of processors made by Qualcomm that offer great processing speed in a small size. They are based on ARM architecture and integrate GPU, GPS circuits and modem for GSM and CDMA networks.

A mobile processor with these features, where they incorporate in a single chip several common functionalities in processors, decreases the total cost of manufacturing and the complexity of hardware. This feature is one of snapdragon’s major success factors.

What are snapdragon models

The processor family is basically divided into series. Currently there are 5 series offered by Qualcomm for Snapdragon processors.

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Snapdragon Series 8

8 series 2

The most advanced, with maximum processing power and efficiency on mobile platforms. With multi-core CPUs for smartphones, powerful AI and 5G and 4G LTE connectivity, snapdragon 8 series are designed to support cutting-edge mobile performance. They’re present on top-of-the-line cell phones.

Snapdragon Series 7

7 series

They are not the most advanced, but offer features that approach the tip. Snapdragon 7 Series mobile platforms support premium on-demand features, including the intelligence engine (AI) and advanced camera functionality, so smartphone brands can differentiate their products for a lower price than the previous one.

Snapdragon Series 6

6 series

The third line focuses on performance, found in intermediate smartphones. Smartphone technology is designed to enable fast uploads and downloads for powerful smartphones, and Snapdragon 6 series platforms feature an integrated computing system that reduces energy usage and maximizes performance.

Snapdragon Series 4

4 series

This line has already been designed to meet intermediate smartphones and input. With Snapdragon 4 series platforms, producers can offer popular smartphone features including high-fidelity audio, full HD displays, high-resolution cameras, and optimized Internet connectivity.

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Designed primarily for mid-tier phones, Snapdragon 4 series platforms allow high performance functionality at an affordable price.

Snapdragon Series 2

2 series

The simplest, for incoming phones, focus on the main functions of this type of smartphone. Combines functionality with practicality to support the economical models that enhance the user experience.

With support for key mobile apps, this series delivers HD visuals, multi-channel audio, and smooth app navigation, all while optimizing battery life.

Where else are the processors

The line of processors began to meet the demands of smartphones, but with its expansion, is already found in modern laptops, offering its characteristics for mobile computing in increasingly reduced sizes and weights.

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The key features of notebook processors are designed to increase productivity and entertainment, with powerful performance and long-lasting battery life and integrated cellular connectivity, plus a modern, quiet format. Its main features for notebooks are:

High performance

The Snapdragon computing platform is designed to deliver demanding user experiences while maintaining incredible battery life. Models built with the Snapdragon computing platform deliver powerful performance and productivity with excellent graphics.

Battery life

Differentiated battery life experience. The duration can be many days with a single charge powered by Snapdragon. It can reach twice the time that ordinary laptops offer: twice the battery life in active mode and up to 4-5 times more in connected standby mode.

Connection speed

Snapdragon mobile computing processors allow brands to create always-connected 4G/5G PCs offering extremely fast connectivity. In addition, compatibility with virtually any bandwidth used by global carriers allows users to stay connected almost anywhere in the world.

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Professional uses

Processors make notebooks truly mobile and enable a remote workforce, models deliver on the promise of ultra-fast mobile and Wi-Fi speeds.

With powerful 4G LTE and 5G connectivity, up to several-day battery life, and a slim, lightweight, non-cooled design, the team can stay connected and productive virtually anywhere.

With this information, we already know what Snapdragon is and the features that are making the growth of these processors in the market. For notebooks, the processors are family 8 and 7, in the other devices the 5 families are found. Just check your needs and opt for the most efficient device. Good luck.

Source: Qualcomm.

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