What is DMZ on the router?

by George Philip
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With its implementation linked to the use of firewall systems, the demilitarized zone exists to provide communication between a trusted internal network to an untrusted external network such as the internet, for example. If you want to know more about what is DMZ in the router, come with me and check the following lines.

Right off the bat, it’s important to know that this perimeter network serves to keep services with external access separate from the local network. That’s because many companies use their internal networks for important and often relatively secret data. With this separation, greater security is implemented to prevent any unauthorized interactions from taking place.

Thinking about it, if an attacker manages to break the barriers and gain access to the DMZ, he still won’t have access to the internal network (the most important) of a company. The reason for this is that the demilitarized zone has much more limited access, and everything has to go through the firewall before getting to the other side.

It is also worth noting that the DMZ can be either physical (as in a router, for example) or virtual as a subnet, but in that case, it would be necessary to use something like a VLAN.

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How does DMZ work on a home router?

Interestingly, this function for domestic use ends up not being considered a “real” demilitarized zone. Its usage is relatively different, as it opens all TCP and UDP ports, leaving them exposed. In this way, the user can add any IP number, forwarding the entries to other devices.

For reference: if I want to connect my video game console to the internet but it is having problems because of a firewall or similar, I can add the IP directly in the DMZ of the router. Thus, all connections will be released from there.

If you want to configure a DMZ Host on your router, follow these steps:

  1. Open the device management page;
  2. Then look for the option in the menu;
  3. Enable in the status part;
  4. Finally, just add the device’s IP number and save.

At the end of the day, using a demilitarized zone serves both to protect your internal network and to release your devices to external networks. The tip here is always to use it with caution and be very careful with which type of communication you will give permission on your devices.

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Tell us about your experience using the perimeter network.

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