Warzone Pacific: How to Win Every Gulag in Caldera


You landed in the Gulag just because of the second chance available in Warzone. So, don’t expect to be pampered in this 1 VS one Gulag match. If you want to get back into your match after getting killed, you have no other option than to win your Gulag fight.

We have provided you with some pro tips that will prove highly beneficial in your Gulag fights’ victory. Also, Hacks for Call of Duty Warzone are a great recommendation to help you win your matches.

What you should know about the Warzone Pacific’s Gulag

In similar shooter games, players are either eliminated or have to start the match again from scratch. Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific comes with the Gulag just as it did with previous COD games. The Gulag is a duel match that gives eliminated players a chance to get back into the match and play with their teammates in the same match. 

Here are some facts you should know about the Gulag match:

  • You and your opponents will be given a random loadout to fight with.
  • A single match in the Gulag lasts for 40 seconds, during which you’re expected to kill your opponent.
  • If both players in the duel match are still standing at the end of the 40 seconds duel, you’re both given 3 seconds of extra time. 
  • In the extra time, a flag spawns on the map. During the 3 seconds extra time, whoever captures the spawned flag wins the match. You can also win the Gulag in the extra time if you can successfully kill your opponent.
  • If no player wins at the end of the 43 seconds, the player with a bigger health point is declared the winner. If the health points of both players are equal, both players are killed.

Warzone Pacific: Tips on How to Win Every Gulag in Caldera

  1. Just single right equipment can be all the advantages you need

If you’ve been in a Gulag match before, you should be told that you and your opponent are given equal winning chances. In such a situation, you can be sure to lose the fight if your opponent is better with his weapon than you are. Weapons range from throwing knives to pistols to even SMGs.

Luckily, you both have access to several pieces of lethal equipment. The grenade is just one of the best lethal you can use to unbalance your opponent. Once you’ve thrown him off balance, you can seize the opportunity to finish the round with several headshots.

  1. The Gulag match is all about survival.

A one-on-one gun battle will end you if you get caught in a match where you’re up against a better shooter than yourself. Instead of taking a stronger opponent head-on, it’s wiser if you’re more tactical than direct.

In a situation like this, strafing will help you evade more bullets, keeping your health level up. If you can deal some damage to your enemy while you still have a good health level at the end of the extra time, you’re the winner of the match.

  1. Your spectators can give you a clue.

You don’t automatically enter your Gulag match once you’re killed. You have to wait with others and spectate ongoing matches until your turn. Likewise, you’ll also have other players spectating at your match until it’s their turn to fight.

If you ever lose track of where your opponent is hiding, you can follow your spectators’ line of sight to uncover your opponent’s location.

  1. Avoid being flanked

Nobody likes being pushed to the wall, but if you want to increase your survival chances in Caldera’s Gulag, you should be ready to have your back against the wall. Players who stay at the centre of the map can easily get cornered and taken out. To avoid this, make sure you’re always at the edge of the map to avoid being flanked by your opponent.


The Gulag is no place to want to be, especially since you could be locked head-on with a stronger opponent. However, getting killed in the game is inevitable. So, for some reasons beyond you, the Gulag will be readily waiting to receive you.

To survive in this highly competitive match, you need all the luck and tactics you can employ. To guide you with that, you must understand everything about the Gulag match and employ the tips above for an upper hand.


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