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How to Turn Off Your Fire TV Stick Properly

Amazon’s Fire TV is a device that lets you turn your conventional TV into a smart device. Counting on a series of applications and resources, the device is connected directly by HDMI and also by the USB port of the television, working almost without interruption. Because of that, here’s how to turn off your Fire TV Stick properly.

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The Fire TV Stick operating system does not have an option to completely turn off the device. However, it is possible to put the device in sleep mode as soon as you finish watching your favourite series, for example. That way, you can save a little more on your electricity bill.

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See the step by step below.

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  1. The first step in putting the Fire TV Stick to sleep is by accessing the settings menu from the gear icon. The button is located on the system home page;
  2. Once the page opens, scroll down until you reach the option “ My Fire TV ” and select the menu to open a new settings screen;
  3. Finally, just activate the sleep mode option to turn off your Amazon device.

Ready! To activate Fire TV again, simply press the “ Select ” button on your controller — the one located in the centre of the directional arrows.

According to Amazon, this mode ensures that the device consumes little energy and does not weigh on your electricity bill. Sleep mode can also be activated directly from the controller. See how below!

How to turn off directly from the homepage

To turn off from the Fire OS homepage:

  1. Press and hold the “Home” button identified by the home icon on your controller;
  2. As soon as a new screen opens, activate sleep mode by the icon displayed;

That’s it, practical and easy

According to Amazon, leaving your device connected 24 hours a day doesn’t bring any problems to the Fire TV or your television.

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In the manual, the company says there is still no need to turn off the device as soon as you finish using it, since, after 30 minutes of inactivity, the operating system goes into low power mode automatically.

However, the option is also available on the system for those who prefer to turn it off manually.

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