How to Video Chat on Tinder

by George Philip
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How to make video calls on Tinder [Video Chat]

It took long, but it arrived. It is now possible to make a video call on Tinder. The platform calls the video chat “Face to Face”, which works only from one to one (between two users). There are five main points of use of “Face to Face”; learn how to use them.

For everything to work in the best way, there are rules for before and after the match:

  • They both decide when it’s time for a video call;
  • You can disable the feature at any time;
  • Both must agree to our basic rules;
  • The screen is divided equally between the two;
  • Feedback report for Tinder (did everything go well?).

Explaining this whole thing, just as Tinder only allows conversations after the match (when they both enjoyed each other), Face to Face is activated individually for each Match – you can decide to use it with one person.

When the conversation is flowing (meaning you’re texting) and you’re ready to show interest in a Face to Face, touch the video icon. The feature will only be activated when the two touch. The relationship app guarantees that it will not tell your match that you activated it but you can combine.

Just as you need to enable, you can disable. Bad hair day? Bad mood? No time? No problem. If today is not a video day, just leave it disabled in the conversation.

What are the rules?

Ok, every game has rules, let’s go to them:

  • Maintain respect: no nudity or sexual content;
  • Without harassment, audio speech, violence and other illegalities;
  • Stay age-appropriate: no content involving minors.

To get started, just agree to start the video conversation with someone.

How to activate Face to Face in Tinder

Before starting a video call, you and your match must activate the feature:

  1. Navigate to your messages with that person;
  2. Touch the video icon at the top of the screen;
  3. Slide the button to the right to unlock “Face to Face”.

How to make a video call on Tinder

After unlocking the feature, you will see a confirmation message.

From there, it’s easy to start a video call on Tinder:

  1. Navigate to your messages with that person;
  2. Touch the video icon at the top of the screen;
  3. Take a look at the preview of the live video and confirm by tapping “Connect”.

You can close the camera and microphone if necessary in the middle of the conversation.

Some quick video questions on Tinder

How do I end a call?

End a call at any time by tapping the red “End” button.

How do I ignore a call?

If you are not ready to accept a call, simply decline it. The other person will be notified that you are currently unavailable, without details.

Can I report someone?


If things are not going well and you are exposed to inappropriate behavior for any reason, tap “Report” and follow the instructions.

Does it work on any device?

Video chat is available to all Tinder users on iOS (iPhone) and Android devices . However, make sure you have the updated version of the app.

Good talks. 

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