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The factors responsible for Bitcoin’s volatile nature

Today’s world is shifting its spending habits to crypto tokens because of their greater reach and the stable face value in domestic and international money markets. Although the most successful virtual coin, Bitcoin, made its debut in 2009, its scarcity is the prominent factor in the continued upsurge in prices.

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The zigzag nature of Bitcoin is only responsible for the handsome profit that one can make in a brief period. Getting a crystal sight of the points that affect the pricing of this digital coin can directly help you take steps for better investment with a good return. So, let’s delve deeper into it. Check this blog to get a deep analysis of bitcoin trading.

Scarcity of Bitcoin with skyrocket demand

It is the most crucial factor in deciding the variation in prices daily. We all know Bitcoin is even more valuable than gold itself as there is only 21 million Bitcoin existing in the blockchain network, and all of them are not yet mined, i.e., not in circulation. Many traders are willing to buy this fantastic cryptocurrency, but not everyone can have it. This limited supply in the market is directly proportional to the increase in the international money market.

But here comes a dilemma in people’s minds: will it affect the price of existing coins if Bitcoin reaches its limit shortly? Of course, the price may fluctuate as the market tools will affect the price, but yes, it will not lose its worth.

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The straightforward economic phenomenon is that if supply is limited and demand is on top of it, the price of a commodity will upsurge until the supply does not catch demand. In Bitcoin, it seems that supply will never meet demand; owing to this, prices will remain under a certain bracket.

Role of investor’s response

As the supply is short and mining is getting tough day by day, the existing owners of Bitcoin are holding their investment to generate more profit in the upcoming future. So they are suitable as they have to fulfil their interest. Still, it is acting as a blockage in the supply of Bitcoin and facilitating the scarcity even more for the market.

It is tough to understand how Bitcoin aspirants store their value in millions would help inject liquidity into traditional tender positions without bothering the crypto sector’s price. It’s all about consumer behaviour; for example, if a significant percentage of investors decide to sell their coins in the open market, this will also shape the buying behaviour of traders. Consequently, it will be responsible for overall pricing.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges set up a bracket for the amount liquidated in one day to ease this situation. One Bitcoin holder cannot sell all of these coins in coin day to minimize a significant proportion of the loss. Quick profits and losses are needed to be monitored by putting a fence to maintain stability in the face value of Bitcoin and for smooth functioning.

Role of the media sector

Media and newspapers are directly in touch with the viewers and readers. They have the power to manipulate the perspective of any individual about a particular topic. They deliver information based on predictions and data collected previously, which is not 100% accurate all the time.

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You may have heard the news about Bitcoin that it will be more valuable with a 40% increment. By this, the existing investors block their assets for some period, resulting in jamming the existing coin flow in the market and variation in prices.

Not only this, but sometimes the media shows Bitcoin as a threat to fiat currency. Many of those interested in national interest started to sell coins by these fall statements.

Bitcoin regulation is getting easy with the surpassing time. That is why it is becoming feasible for the commoner. Regulatory authorities are also providing green chit to Bitcoin circulation. The above-listed portion explains the need for bitcoin in global trade. Undeniably bitcoin is not the mere currency required to do so, but ideologies like bitcoin maximalism state such facts. Bitcoin is essential for global trade. This currency has a great potential that is yet to discover. So don’t waste time and start trading today.

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