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by George Philip
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What comprises SDET Learning?

A Software Development Engineer in Test is an IT professional responsible for implementation of test cases and writing code/software to improve the testability of software products. The SDETs design and create automated test frameworks. The role of SDET is designed by the combination of testing and development knowledge areas. This was a senior position coined by the leading IT manufacturer and now it’s successfully used in larger enterprises. 

The program will focus on the development of skills to design and implement automated testing processes and tools for software. Developers write the product code, and the Software Development Engineer in the Test course focuses on developing the skills to create the test code that ensures proper functioning. The program helps in developing skills of programmers and engineers to develop tools that help in designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining product and test codes.

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Program at WEDEVX

The WEDEVX SDET course will help to develop the software development engineers in tests who will be able to build the test automation frameworks of tests and test related software processes, for example continuous delivery pipelines. The program teaches to write and execute automated test scripts. It gives the skill enhancement to engineers to analyse and gather test results. SDET course teaches to enhance the skills to identify and resolve the software faults by working closely with the quality assurance teams and software developers.

SDET program trains the engineers to fulfil the responsibilities of design and implementation of automated test framework, execution of test cases and improvement of testability with the development of CI/CD pipelines. The program at WEDEVX will give the skills of strong coding, design and analytics to engineers. It also enables the engineers to develop proficiency in creating automated test frameworks. It will give experience to IT professionals with algorithms and data structures. 

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SDET course has multiple exercises of programming that enhances the programming skills needed for automated test writing. This course will develop the skills to use automation testing tools, automation testing frameworks and continuous integration tools.

WEDEVX SDET Course Offering

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WEDEVX offers the trial version of the SDET course and in six months the IT professionals could be trained to become sought-after assets of organisations as SDETs. There are levels of training offered in the program, beginner, junior and middle. It offers more than 450 plus programming exercises. There are more than one thirty-seven video lectures for the training and guidance of IT professionals. The SDET course that is offered at WEDEVX is intended for the junior IT professionals, professionals who are looking forward to changing their career path and students. 

The course content is designed to help students learn faster at their own pace. Professional certification on SDET course completion is offered to get recognition in a new role. The greatest professionals are the ones who invest in continuous learning. SDET is a booming industry and DEVX membership is a good investment for a career as Software Development Engineer in Test.

Perks of SDET Course

The WEDEVX SDET course has helped hundreds of students in getting jobs and transforming lives. It will give skills to IT professionals in the technical domain. The soft skills will be enhanced, and combinations of these skills will be used to test and analyse the functionality, efficiency, and robustness of the test software. SDETs normally have degrees in the field of computer engineering or related fields. There are individuals with improved learning and understanding of systems for pursuing higher education in the field. 

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The SDET course will train IT professionals with extensive knowledge of behaviour-driven development. The program at WEDEVX will also develop the expertise of IT professionals in testing tools and frameworks. It is an online opportunity to improve income, career, and life.

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