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How to Get 24GB for N3,500 on MTN

MTN introduced the cheapest data plan ever. You can now get cheap data plans such as 40GB for N5,000, 24GB for N3,500, 9GB for N2,000 and 2GB for N500 only.

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With this cheap plan, you now binge on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+.

This is currently the favourite data plan for many Nigerians. When you subscribe to this plan, MTN also includes a YouTube Night data bonus of 6GB that can be used between 11 pm to 6 am.

It’s worth noting that this is no hack or gimmick, it is called MTN Data4me. The way it works is when you subscribe to 24GB for ₦3500, you get 12GB of data which is valid for 30 days + 12GB bonus data which is valid for 2 weeks and 6GB of YouTube Night data which is valid for 2 weeks as well.

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How to Activate 24GB for ₦3500 on MTN

There are two methods to activate 24GB of data for ₦3500 data plan offer:

Using USSD Code

  1. Dial *121#;
  2. Select Data4ME;
  3. Input 1 for 24GB for N3,500;
  4. Select Yes/No for auto-renewal.

Using the MyMTNApp

  • Download the MyMTN app;
  • Sign in to the app with your MTN number;
  • Be sure you have ₦3,500 on your MTN line;
  • On the Homepage, Click on the “Mega Deal Zone” box;
  • You’ll be redirected to a page that shows “Crack The Egg“;
  • Tap on the egg labelled “Data4ME” to show data offers;
  • If you get an offer to buy 12GB + EXTRA 12GB data bonus at ₦3,500 and that’s the one you want. Tap the “Accept” button;
  • If you don’t get that offer, tap “Crack Another Egg” for another offer;
  • Once you see the 12GB + EXTRA 12GB offer, tap the “Accept” button.

After activation, you’ll receive a message from MTN that you have successfully purchased 24GB of data valid for 30 days. And that’s it, you can immediately start using your data plan.

Although, this info hasn’t been verified and our best guess is that this data offer may be available to only MTN users who have been active for no less than 3 months and top up a minimum amount monthly.

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