Modern Security Upgrades: Improving Security at Your Home

by George Philip
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We all fear leaving the home whenever we go on vacation or for a long trip. It’s because the burglars are waiting for that single chance so that they can loot whatever valuables you have. No matter where you store them, thieves always find a way to get their hands on them. 

Hence it’s essential to upgrade your home with modern security features to protect the things that you’ve bought with your hard-earned money. If you’re living in Centro Apartments Aurora CO, you’re lucky because the complex has state-of-the-art security systems. Though these don’t guarantee complete protection, they can alert you at the right time so that you can take action to catch the guys. 

Almost all modern security gadgets come with features that whenever any abnormality happens around your home, alert you of danger. Accordingly, you can call the Police, your neighbours, or raise the alarm to spook off the burglars, thus protecting your home and valuables. 

So, we have put together a list so that you can improve security at home and go on vacations peacefully.

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  • A safe that’s foolproof

Whenever you go out, you can’t possibly take all the valuables like cash, confidential documents, jewellery, etc., with you. You have to store them at your home at a place where they won’t be disturbed at any cost. That’s why it’s important to invest in a foolproof safe.

Modern safes come with an alarm system that goes off whenever the door is disturbed. It immediately goes to the lock mode and it cannot be easily opened. Moreover, as the material of the safe cannot be penetrated with any kind of device, your valuables will be safe even if the burglar tries to access them.

It’s a worthy investment as you can go outside knowing that no one can touch your personals. Some modern safes also come with a small storage compartment above the actual safe where you can store extra items. Even the small compartment also comes with a lock.

  • A doorbell with a video calling system

This feature is for when you’re inside the home but want to see whoever has come to your home. The doorbell comes with a sensor that is triggered whenever someone clicks on it. It sends a notification to your phone immediately so that you can know who is at the door. And when it is night, you can see the infrared image that comes to your phone.

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  • Laser security system

When you think of laser, it reminds you of a scene in the movie where the lights are intersected throughout a particular area safeguarding a valuable item. Called lasers, they trigger an alarm whenever anything steps on it. It’s one of the top security upgrades to your home as you can have the ultimate protection for your valuables. It’s a great investment if you have several valuables at your home that you can’t carry with you whenever you go out. So, unless the burglar has a very flexible body, no one can reach your precious items.

  • Facial recognition camera

You might have installed cameras (learn here the benefits of installing security cameras at your home). However, they just record the happenings that occur at that time. With the facial recognition camera, you can recognise the face of the person that has come to your home. They come with a storage option where you can store the images of persons. Whenever any stranger comes to your home, it sends a notification to your home that a new person has arrived, alerting you to any possible danger that may come. You will also know who is coming and going to your home.

  • Curtain sensors with laser

Thieves and burglars enter your home either through doors or windows. Most of them opt for windows as they are less secured than your main entrance. However, when you install curtain sensors with lasers, the slightest movement in the curtains can trigger an alarm or send a notification to you. You can also install these sensors not only to your curtains but also to doorways, skylights, fence tops, etc. 

  • Panic room

Every house should have a panic room so that you can hide there when danger comes. It’s like a secret hideout where you can store all the things and you can also hide whenever thieves enter your home. It’s also a perfect room to hide if your place is more prone to natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes. 

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So, whenever you plan to construct a home or renovate it, allocate sufficient space for a panic room. According to the size, there are many customisable options available in constructing panic rooms. 

  • Bullet-proof windows

You might have heard about bulletproof jackets but not windows. These windows don’t shatter by any forceful means that burglars might use. Built with strong glass, they look beautiful and also sturdy enough to withstand any kind of resistance. Install these windows if you want complete safety not only from burglars but also from mischievous kids.

The Conclusion

These are some of the ways to prevent home break-ins and to upgrade security at your home. If you want complete security from burglars and thieves, it’s essential to install at least some of the features stated above. 

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Apart from these, you can also have a digital lock, fingerprint sensor to enter your home, etc. More the features, more the security your house gives you. 

Of course, many of the security upgrades work only if electricity is present, and if your house lacks one, it might become advantageous to burglars. However, having backup electricity and informing your neighbours whenever you go out are some of the solutions to it. 

Moreover, there are electronic security gadgets that work on battery power. It’s better to use them if your place is more prone to electrical outages. Whatever you do, make sure that you take extreme care and measures when you go out even for a couple of days. As advanced as the technologies are, burglars always find a way to get around it to enter your home. So, it’s better to be cautious than to feel sad later.

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