Mobile app development with different tips and tricks for having an effective app


It is no longer possible to imagine a modern person without a smartphone in hand. Day after day, people open hundreds of thousands of different mobile applications: they can be used to quickly solve important issues, organize a day, get some kind of hint or just have fun.

These telephone assistants are not only a useful product in the electronic market but also a great way to make money for everyone who seeks to optimize their and others’ existence with the help of mobile technology.

Is it difficult to create an app?

This question is asked by every newbie, in whose head the idea of modelling something beneficial both for society and for his wallet has arisen.

Given the abundance of educational information on IT development on the World Wide Web (be it books, lectures and even online courses), even a schoolchild can learn how to program mobile applications today with help from mobile app development solutions.

But skills and skills alone are not enough. When you have stocked up on the necessary baggage of knowledge, it is important to stop thinking like a specialist for a while and look at the situation from the perspective of the consumer. Pay attention to your own phone. How many applications are installed on it? Which ones do you use and with what frequency? Why did you choose them, and not other analogues? And finally, why are some applications popular and thousands of others not?

It’s easy to create an application. But designing it in such a way that it is popular and profitable is already more difficult.

What does a beginning developer need to know?

Before starting programming, it is necessary to clearly define the area of future work and its boundaries. To do this, you should:

  • Determine the target audience for which the application is being developed and identify its urgent “mobile” needs.
  • Make a choice of the scope of your application and specify the problem that you plan to solve. The typical mistake of a beginner at this stage is to become obsessed with an invented unique way of solving an irrelevant problem. Nobody will be interested in a non-standard application if there is no need for it. Engage in solving urgent problems, trying to come up with albeit similar to others, but a newer and simpler option to meet the needs of the client.

When developing an application, it is important to avoid mistakes in the code, since this will determine how stable the application will be during operation using android app development.

Develop a business model. The popular application generates income for the developer. But this is only possible if the specialist has thought over the monetization. You can make money on the app if:

  • make the application a paid download;
  • make the app free to download, but incorporate either in-app purchases or viewing ads.

Important note:

  • Availability of analogs of your idea in mobile app stores. Uniqueness is one of the main criteria for the competitiveness of your development. But again, the uniqueness of the solution to the problem, not the uniqueness of the problem itself.
  • Users love the usual outstanding functionality and design without unnecessary “bells and whistles”, so do not experiment with the design of the application – it is better for beginners to use style templates in general.
  • Popular software development models. Having studied the basics of programming and languages, it will not be superfluous to see how the TOP applications are arranged. There is a lot you can learn from other well-known developers.

The maximum audience coverage can be achieved by creating a program suitable for any operating system.

It’s also important to remember that building a good app is only part of the whole job of promoting it. A working business model, optimal performance, and continuous product improvement are key to getting your application to the top and promoting it.


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