Launch of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Mentorship programme (BCM)


This year, Coinratecap in collaboration with BlockchainAfrica is happy to unveil their first ever Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Mentorship programme (BCM) for both starters and professional crypto enthusiasts. There is no doubt that in today’s world, technology is rapidly evolving, and it is a great idea for every African to stay at pace with this progression. 

Digital currencies are also known as cryptocurrency is the new world money which has revolutionised how we transact.

Our aim is to innovate, sensitize, and train Africans on the importance of learning blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

The benefits of this training are ;

– Provide excellent career opportunity

– Good income potential

– Become a better crypto trader

– Crypto Investment wise

– Crypto security

– Digital identity and secured data

We have gathered top mentors in the blockchain and crypto industry to give you one month intensive training on which will run every Saturday and Sunday by 2:00pm starting from 6th, August 2022.

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