How to see how many hours of play you have on PS4

You can see how many hours of play you have in some titles and still control how much kids can stay on PS4

How to see how many hours of play you have on PS4

When you play, you often can’t feel time go by or you have no idea how much it took playing either title. But you can check in certain games how long you take in them or control the time and total hours that children can stay connected to the console. Follow in this tutorial how to see how many hours of play you have on PS4.

How to see how many hours of play I have on PS4

There is no precise and native way on the PS4 system, unfortunately, to see the time of each game. You can see here two ways to do this.

In the saved data of each game

It is worth mentioning that this option depends on the game, so it does not work for all titles.

  1. Go to “Settings” on the home screen;
  2. Select “Storage”;
  3. Go to “Saved Data”;
  4. Select the game you want and make sure it displays the game time.

Another possibility is the game itself display the time you remained in it. Some titles like GTA V, for example, show this in the statistics menu.

Through external websites

Some sites can display their statistics and one of them is Exophase. Simply access the site in, create an account and associate your PSN ID to gain access to game time, trophies, most visited titles and a few more options.

At the end of each year, the PlayStation usually launches Wrap-up, a section of the official website that displays your stats, most played titles, and how much time you spend on each. It is available for a period after being released and then taken off the air by the next year.

How to control children’s time on PS4

Through parental control, you can manage and limit the playing time and time children stay on PS4.

  1. Select “Settings”;
  2. Go to “Parental Controls/Family Management”;
  3. Go to “Family Management” to see each child’s play time or add/remove members;
  4. Select the family member you want to manage;
  5. Go to “Game time settings”; You can set:
  • When game time runs out: Choose whether to display a notification on the screen or whether the system will automatically log out when time runs out;
  • Allowed game duration and time: Sets the game time to all specific days or times for each day of the week.

Just save the selected options and manage the control of the children.

Source: PlayStation.



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