How to record a Twitter space


Twitter confirmed that it is releasing gradually the option to record a Space in your social network. Therefore, the host will be able to use this as a way to increase their audience, as the recording will go beyond the live moment and will be free for the followers to share it later. If you’re already excited to try this new thing, find out how everything will be done.

Create Spaces

With the Twitter app open, create a Spaces like any other. Before starting the game, leave positively marked in the “Record Space” option;

make the recording

During Spaces, the “Rec” button will be activated. This indicates that the entire Spaces conversation is being recorded by the Twitter host;


When you finish your Spaces, the recording will also end. All chat will be available to the host and to anyone who wants to access it for 30 days after posting it. 
It is possible to share as you wish.

Can I already record a Spaces on Twitter?

Not yet. Initially the company is only releasing this option for a few people to test.

Is this option available for Android ?

In the beginning, it is only possible to make recordings through the iOS app , but in the future it will be available for Android.

Can anyone listen and share the recorded Spaces?

Yes. Anyone on Twitter will be able to replay what was recorded on Spaces, there is no need to be a follower of the host.

Can I schedule recording of a Spaces?

Yes. The user can schedule a Spaces up to 14 days in advance and notify participants that the content will be recorded. When starting the conversation, the host just clicks on the “Record” button and that’s it.

Can I edit a recording?

It is possible to edit only the beginning when recording a Spaces on Twitter. In the host settings, you can choose where to start recording with the option “Edit start time”. With this, the person can cut idle time at the beginning of the chat, for example.

How long does it take for the recording to be available?

Right after Spaces Live ends, the recording will be immediately available for people to hear.

Now that you’ve solved your doubts about how to record Spaces on Twitter, let us know if you’re excited to start using this new feature on the social network.


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