How to know the speed of your computer’s RAM memory

by George Philip
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Whether to help with computing tasks or support graphics components, basically all operations performed by the computer depend on its RAM memory. See below how to know the speed of your computer’s RAM memory by the nominal and real-time identification method.

There are two ways to check the RAM memory speed on your computer, the first is nominal (the one that was purchased and installed), the second is real time (with true capacity, speed and percentage of use in real time).

Starting nominal verification

To start the nominal check, just look at the memory model name, both on the box and the letters on the board, the 4 digits grouped together, correspond to the nominal speed of the RAM memory;

Actual speed through CPU -Z app

Download the CPU-Z app from the official page, install it and open the executable. Upon opening, the 
software already starts taking real-time measurements on the complete status of your system;

Checking RAM memory speed

Click on the “Memory” tab and get all the data referring to what is installed in your computer, the amount of memories, the speed of each one, and how much is being used;

RAM memory speed =DRAM Frequency

If you pay attention to the information called DRAM Frequency, it contains the speed in MHz that your computer’s RAM memory operates.

What types of RAM are there?

RAM memory types are divided into 3 groups: SRAM, DRAM and VRAM. Where SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory . This particular RAM stores data using four to six transistors from the memory cell. RAM is generally used by the computer’s processor as cache memory. 

DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory . This type of RAM allows your computer to store all data bit-by-bit and separately, in a capacitor that updates itself every moment. If you are unable to update regularly, all stored data and information will be automatically deleted. 

VRAM stands for Video Random Access Memory and it is specifically your graphics card’s RAM memory dedicated for graphics processing, freeing up the DRAM for other priority functions.

What is the main RAM memory used by the computer?

It is DRAM, responsible for the majority of computer processing, it is further divided into 3 distinct subgroups. 

SDRAM: Synchronous Dynamics Access Memorystores data with capacitors that use integrated circuits. 

RDRAM: Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory works in parallel. Provides data capacity from 800 MHz to 1600 Mbps. However, the high speed rate causes more heat in the computer. 

DDR SDRAM: Double Data Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory acts like SDRAM only which provides more speed. This also determines other types of RAM; DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4. They identify the DDR speed level.

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