How to Hack SMS Without Access To Phone

How To Hack SMS Without Access To Phone?

As technology evolves and gets stronger, the number of cybercrimes and online theft have become prominent. Keeping your credentials and valuable identification proofs and even text messages is tough nowadays and aren’t safe.

Many spy apps are out there to pry on the secret messages you may have sent or received from someone. These apps can easily hack your text messages and monitor all of your activities without any access to the phone. 

I have dedicated the following article to finding out such apps that allow you to hack SMS without access to the phone.  

Can You Hack A Phone To Read The Text Messages? 

The simple answer is yes. Many apps allow you to hack, see, and monitor all the outgoing and incoming messages on the phone. You can use these apps to read and spy on any messages on the phone.

Text Message spying apps like Nexspy and similar others let you spy on and read all smartphone incoming and outgoing messages by opening numerous pathways. When you use such an app and hack someone’s messages, they will have no idea of your actions. 

You can access and hack phone SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.  

How To Hack Someone’s Phone Without Having Their Phone?

You can hack someone’s phone when you don’t have the phone with you. You can do it remotely and hack someone’s phone without them noticing a thing. You can use some of the hacking software available in the Google PlayStore or the App Store on iOS. 

Here are some of those apps–

  • KidGuard Pro
  • ClaveGuard
  • XSPY
  • pcTattetale
  • FlexiSPY

These apps have some basic features; for instance, you can get full control over someone’s mobile phone. Here are some more–

  • You can see the contact messages–both outgoing and incoming. 
  • You also acquire the contact details of the message sender and the receiver. 
  • The access date and the timestamp of each of the messages are available using these apps. 
  • These apps are available on iOS and android. 

Why Do You Need a Text Message Hacking app? 

There are several reasons for using these apps. Indeed there are legal barriers; you cannot hack anyone’s phone and intrude into their private life. That would be a crime, but you need these apps to keep an eye on your close ones.

For instance, you can use these apps to track the messages of your kids and what they are doing. These apps can help you keep tabs on your children’s activities and ensure their safety through that. These apps also help you avoid Network Security Threats.

These apps run smoothly and let you hack someone’s texts without any access to their phones.

However, there are other methods as well. For example, you can hack someone’s text messages by lock screen bypass and using Kali Linux. 

Hacking Text Messages Using Lock Screen Bypass

Using a Lock screen bypass to hack someone’s messages is a way to hack iPhone messages. You can use this to hack someone’s iPhone and see their text messages, call logs, and emails.

When using the lock screen bypass process, you need to use a voice command and wake up Siri and make her give away the user’s personal information. Only iPhones with iOS 9,10, and 11 are compatible with the screen bypass track. You cannot use the lock screen bypass method on the iPhone X since there is an extra security layer protecting the phone. 

Hacking Someone’s Text Messages Using Kali Linux

This is the trickiest method for hacking someone’s messages. It would help if you had Linux programming languages to hack someone’s messages. This is a famous programming language that hackers use to hack any device. There is a wide variety of applications for digital forensics and penetration testing. 

The massive disadvantage of this method is that you need to be professional in this field to be able to hack someone’s text messages. Read more: Search Engine Magazine, Social Media Magazine, Smart Business Daily.

Hacking Apps And Their Benefits

As mentioned earlier, you can also use the hacking apps available in the play store. Apps like NexSpy and Xspy provide you with several hacking and monitoring features. For instance–

Call Monitoring

You can track the call logs and record all the outgoing and incoming calls on the phone that you are tracking. Not just cellular calls, with the call monitoring apps, you can also track WhatsApp and messenger calls. 

Location Tracking 

These apps also allow you to track the location of the targeted phone. 

Browsing History And Bookmarks

With these apps, you can track the bookmarks and the browsing history of the targeted phone. You can also check the kind of content your children are consuming. Read more: Dream Land Estate, Tour And Travel Blog, Dream And Travel.


It is a serious crime to hack someone’s personal data. But if you are using these apps to ensure the security of your loved ones, then you can use these apps to hack their messages and other contact information. 

Of all the methods discussed here, hacking a phone and using apps is the easiest way. You are free to use any of the apps mentioned here in this article. 


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