How to Find a Spy app on your Phone


Just like computers, phones are also susceptible to risks from cyber threats. This is the case with spyware and stalkerware, malicious software used to track activities and collect victims’ personal data. Next, learn how to find out if there is a spy app on your phone.

The two categories of software are not quite the same thing, despite the similar purpose.

Spyware is known to be brought to devices through infected files and seeks more generalized information, such as passwords, and bank details, among others.

On the other hand, stalkerware is used to spy on a person and is constantly linked to cases of harassment in relationships, for example.

Either way, both spyware and stalkerware are real threats. After all, you don’t want anyone nosing around your life, right?

And how do I find a spy app on mobile?

There is no cake recipe to find out if there is a spy app installed on the phone – after all, they hide very well. Still, these apps leave some traces that betray their presence. So the first step is to check your smartphone for any abnormal behaviour:

  • Check if the smartphone showed crashes or slowness without explanation;
  • Check if the battery and data are running out faster;
  • Make sure the phone is not getting hotter than usual.

Of course, these problems aren’t just caused by spyware. But, as malicious software works in the background constantly, it is expected that the phone will exhibit some strange behaviour.

Then check if there are any unknown apps installed on your phone. Go to system settings and look one by one, looking for apps you don’t remember installing, for example.

It should be noted that, in the case of Android, some system software is listed in the smartphone’s settings.

You can also use a reliable antivirus to scan your Android phone.

How to remove spy apps from your phone?

Removing spy apps is not a very simple process either. But it’s not impossible.

An alternative is to use a reliable antivirus to do both scanning and removal. In fact, this tends to be the simplest procedure.

You can also remove apps manually. This process, however, requires a little care to prevent an important app from being accidentally deleted.

Another option, if none of the above fixes it, is to restore factory settings. But this procedure erases all data from the smartphone.

And remember: keep your phone constantly updated!

Is it possible to install spyware on iPhones?

The probability of finding a spy app on an iPhone (iOS) is lower, especially if it is spyware. This benefit is granted thanks to limitations imposed by Apple, which help to increase the security of the cell phone. But that doesn’t mean the system is tamper-proof – especially if you’ve jailbroken.

On Android, the story takes another path. In addition to the Play Store, you can install apps from alternative stores or APK files. This isn’t really a problem – in fact, it’s a huge benefit. But it can open doors for the installation of malicious software.


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