How to delete a PayPal Account

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How Does PayPal Work?

You no longer want to use the service or you’re dissatisfied with something. The reasons may be varied, but in this case, it is good to know how to delete a PayPal account and terminate the link with the digital wallet company. Since there is no payment of maintenance fees, another option would be to leave your account zeroed and wait for the need for future use.

Conditions for closure

It is important to be aware of the conditions and situations that may occur in the case of the complete closure of PayPal.

  • A closed PayPal account can no longer be reopened;
  • Any scheduled or incomplete transaction is cancelled;
  • If there is a balance, the account cannot be closed;
  • In the case of pending PayPal, the deletion is not released;
  • Remove an unconfirmed email from the sign-up before finalizing the account.

How to delete an account from PayPal on a PC

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Profile” gear icon;
  3. Scroll the page and press “Close your account”;
  4. On the next page, write your feedback (optional);
  5. Confirm the operation by pressing “Close account”.

How to close a PayPal account on the app

So far, the “close account” feature is not yet available through the mobile app. Therefore, you must access the account through a computer to delete your PayPal account.

How to unlink the bank account linked to the PayPal

The bank account linked to PayPal can be deleted easily, but it is not extremely necessary, one can have several bank accounts linked within the platform. The indication by deletion is made only in case of closing the account at the bank itself.

  1. Sign in with your PayPal;
  2. In the top menu, click “Wallet”;
  3. Click on the bank account you want to delete;
  4. At the end of the page press “Delete bank account”;
  5. Confirm the operation on the next page.

How to delete the account from PayPal of a deceased

Difficult time but that can happen. To close an account PayPal of someone who has died, whoever deletes the account must prove a relationship between the former owner and the new beneficiary. It is important to remember that the account balance of PayPal the deceased will be transferred to another account of PayPal the legal beneficiary.

No balance

When there is no transfer of “goods and values” the process is a little simpler and the requested documents are:

  • Documentation proving the relationship between the person who is closing and the account holder;
  • A copy of the account holder’s death certificate.

This information may be offered by the inventory or administrator, but the link between the deceased and the person requesting the account termination must be proven.

With balance

  • The death certificate of the account holder;
  • the official document or copy of the document identifying the descriptions of the person’s assets;
  • Copy of a government-issued photo ID.

More complex documents are required for PayPal against fraud attempts, but all must be sent through the “Attachments Page of PayPal“.

All submitted documentation will be destroyed after the analysis and you will not be able to return it. PayPal can only transfer the available balance to the account on behalf of the legal beneficiary within the platform. If you don’t, you’ll need to open one.

The deadline given by the company to contact in these cases is 5 working days, and in case of doubts the “Contact us” is available. With this information, we already know how to delete an account from PayPal, good luck.

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