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How to close the Laptop lid without shutting down or suspending the system

Those who intend to use the laptop as a desktop, connecting an external monitor to it, may find it difficult to leave it with the lid closed, since, by default, the system puts the device in sleep. To solve this problem, see below how to configure the laptop so that it is possible to close its lid without turning it off.

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If you use Windows system, follow the steps below to close the laptop lid without shutting down or suspending the system:

  1. On the taskbar, click “Start” and type “Dashboard” in the search bar. Tap on the “Control Panel” app, which will appear among the corresponding items;
  2. On the next settings screen, click on the “Hardware and Sounds” option;
  3. In the management list that will open, click on the item “Power Options”;
  4. In the side menu, click on the option “Choose the lid closing function”;
  5. On the next screen, see the list of settings that will appear. In the last item, “When I close the lid”, notice that there are two options: “On battery“ and Connected”.

To make your laptop stay on even with the screen down, you must choose one of them to leave in “Nothing to Do” mode. This can vary according to your need, as in “Connected”, the command works when the laptop is connected to a power source, while in “On battery”, the command works regardless of this, even if the user is using just charge the laptop battery.

Selecting the “Nothing to do” mode in one of the options, click on “Save changes” to confirm the operation.

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How to keep your MacBook on even with the lid down

If you are using a MacBook and your problem is to configure the Apple device so that it does not turn off when the lid is closed, the path is different. In this case, it is necessary to have some external accessories (screen, monitor and mouse) connected to the device in order to activate the function later. 

It is worth remembering that during this process the MacBook must be connected to a power source and that, before disconnecting it from the external monitor, Apple recommends leaving the MacBook at rest.

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