How to Automatically Answer Calls on iPhone


Automatically answering calls on iPhone is a feature that can be turned on in the accessibility section of your smartphone’s settings. In addition, when activating the option “answer automatically”, it is possible to set the waiting time until the call is answered automatically. Learn more details in the step by step.

Automatically answer calls on iPhone

The auto-answer call feature on iPhone is useful in circumstances where you are expecting to receive an important call but need to do other activities that will prevent you from touching the device to answer the call. Example: you are cooking and at the same time waiting for the call. However, the cell phone rings just when your hands are not free or clean.

Or, you are driving and need to answer the call. If the function is previously activated on iPhone, the call will be answered automatically without you taking your attention away from the traffic. Follow the step by step and learn how to configure the accessibility feature:

  1. Access iPhone settings: In the smartphone settings section, swipe the screen until you find the “accessibility” option. Soon after, select “touch”, an alternative that is in the part of physical and motor adjustments. Swipe the screen until you find the “audio calls” option;
  2. Adjust call audio: In this section, you can define how the audio will be heard during a phone call: loudspeaker, Bluetooth headset or automatic. Finally, tap on the option “Answer automatically”, activate the feature and set in how many seconds your call will be answered automatically.

When activating this feature, make sure your smartphone is not in silent mode. It is also better to count on the audible warning to indicate the receipt of the call, since it will be answered automatically, after the time determined in the settings.

After these specific circumstances, where you are waiting for an important call, it is recommended that you turn off the auto-answer feature — as it is definitely not in your interest to allow all calls to be answered in this way.


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