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How to apply voice effects in TikTok

Those who want to make their TikTok videos even more original can bet on the platform’s voice effects tool, which modifies the sound of the user’s voice, adding an effect to it. To learn how to use the feature in your recordings, below we have a step by step on how to apply TikTok’s voice effects to your videos and we tell you what sound options are available on the social network.

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To apply a voice effect to your TikTok video, follow the steps:

Confirm the recording:

After confirming that your video was recorded correctly, tap the red check icon located on the lower right side of the screen;

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Go to Voice Effects:

On the next screen, tap the “Voice Effects” button, the third icon in the column on the right;

Choose the desired effect:

While your video continues to play at the bottom of the screen, a dialog will open with all the voice effects available on the platform. To test an effect, click on it. The effect is automatically applied to the voice in the recording, so you can click alternately on each one, analyzing in real-time how each one overlaps your voice. When deciding which effect to use, click on it and then tap outside the dialog box;

Confirm your edit:

Make the last edits you want and confirm that everything is right with your recording. 
If so, tap the “Next” button, located in the lower right corner;

Post your video:

Fill in all the video information, select a cover and enable or not the available functions. 
Tap the “Publish” button to post your recording.

What voice effects are available in TikTok?

In all, the resource has 12 available effects. They are Squirrel; Baritone; MIC; Megaphone; Robot; Battery drain; Electronic; Vibrato; Echo, Synthesizer, Helium and Giant.

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No, the voice effects available on TikTok can only be applied to the original audio of videos recorded directly on the social network. For videos uploaded from the gallery, the feature is not available.

Can I change or delete a voice effect from my video?

As long as your video is not posted on the social network, you can change or remove the effects in any way you like. Even if you are already on the post publishing page, just go back by tapping the “<” icon located in the upper left corner of the screen, clicking the voice effects button again and choosing the desired option. If you want to leave it ineffective, choose the first option in the row, called “None”.

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