How to Activate Your SIM Online

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Subscriber Identity Modules or abbreviated as SIM usually already activated if you buy them on non-discounted plans. If you happen to have some problems regarding the activation, then you should do it yourself. Check the calling packages that are available and included with the SIM card.

Activating your SIM card by yourself may open better opportunities for finding better rates on the provider’s website. By registering the card, you can select any packages that may fit your needs the best.

But first of all, what does this SIM card do?

What Does a New SIM Card Do?

The card that you just bought lets you connect with the plan you choose from its provider. Several packages can be chosen, and it heavily depends on your needs. However, the card also allows you to connect with others via text messages and calls.

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Don’t worry too much about the phone’s storage since the SIM card won’t affect it at all. The only data that you need to pay attention to is the mobile data, the amount of data size that you can use to connect to the internet without a Wi-Fi connection.

The experience of connecting your phone to the internet with mobile data versus a Wi-Fi connection is strictly the same. However, you still need additional preventive actions to keep yourself safe when surfing the internet. For example, think about IP. There are a lot of reasons to know your IP and why should hide it; one of them is highly related to privacy. Other individuals may know any information about you by tracking your original IP.

So, make sure to hide or cover it using VPN services, which are often considered to be the simplest way to protect your privacy.

Unlocking Mobile Phones

Phones that are unlocked are always tied to the current plan and will always connect to the current internet provider. The worst thing is that you can’t simply switch it with another SIM. And this is where unlocking phone networks become more important.

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But, you may rest assured now. Most modern mobile phones are already unlocked, so even if you buy a bundled phone with any particular network, you can always change it to another network provider as you wish.

Are They Free?

SIM Cards typically come with bundle plans, so the price heavily depends on what kind of package you’re buying. However, you can also buy the card separately from department stores or supermarkets.

If you don’t want to go out, you can also buy a SIM card online and have it delivered to you.

The Different Types of SIM Cards?

Based on the size, there are three different SIM cards types you may find on the market: Standard, Nano, and Micro. The modern phones usually take the smaller Nano card, while the older phones will need the SIM cards in Standard or Micro sizes.

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Regardless of the size, you’ll usually receive a SIM card in a standard size that can be converted into a Micro or Nano-SIM.

How To Activate Your Sim Online

If you decide to unlock the phone on your own, follow these simple steps:

  1. First, try the SIM card, and see whether it’s usable or not. If it’s not working, visit the carrier’s website to activate the card.
  2. Now put in the SIM card.
  3. Check and visit the provider’s website (see on the packaging)
  4. On the website, input the SIM card number, and enter the additional details if required. You may be asked to create an account first.
  5. See the steps on the said website, and follow them thoroughly. The instruction will usually be sent in text messages. Open it, and follow the additional steps.
  6. Do the test (if required) to check the internet connectivity, text messages functionality, and more.

Benefits of Activating SIM Card

Is there any benefit in activating a SIM card? Let us see how the world rolls nowadays.

Almost everything is connected to the internet now. With the Internet of Things exponentially increasing all around the world, having your devices connected to the internet has become mandatory.

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Having a decent internet connection is even more essential if you have a plan to travel aboard. By not having a stable Wi-fi around, you’ll always depend on the mobile data’s internet connection. So, activating your SIM card is really important for this purpose.

By having a SIM card activated, you’ll have tons of plan options you may consider. You can always stay online and have all the essential applications active. You can also gain some notable benefits from activating a SIM card, such as:

  • You can still have a decent internet connection abroad by having and activating a good internet plan for your mobile phone.
  • Have the mobile data to access all the important applications you usually use daily, such as Instagram, Facebook, and other useful transportation-related programs, like Google Map, Uber, Grab, and others.
  • Users are given an option to prolong or stop the running internet plan. It gives them the freedom to adjust their fee anytime they want.
  • You may pick any available plans that are served by your internet provider.
  • You can easily recharge your mobile data plan in the easiest way possible.
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