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Home is Where The Heart is in LG’S Latest Campaign, “Life’s Good When You Get More Love”

LG Electronics (LG) has launched a new campaign of short videos titled Life’s Good When You Get More Love – interweaving the LG family even more intricately into its customers’ everyday life, and showcasing those sometimes-unnoticed everyday loving moments experienced in the home.

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Just as families care for and rely on each other, so too does LG care about its customers and aims to support and facilitate the ever-strengthening bond between grandparents, parents, children, and extended family members, because Life’s Good When You Get More Love.

“LG is a brand that transcends generations and regions, and our innovative products are created not only for convenience, and from a technology leadership position, but to highlight ‘Life’s Good’, and to help customers care, share, and support each other in the home”, said IL HWAN LEE, MEA Regional CEO, LG Electronics. “As part of our new brand strategy, this new campaign, Life’s Good When You Get More Love, will help LG resonate more deeply with our customers across the region as they see how our products can shape even the smallest of interactions into something loving.”

The web series, which includes eight (8) episodes in the style of a modern sitcom, began in July with the teaser video. While each episode includes an LG product–from entertainment to refreshing, convenience, and hygiene–the focus is on the family and how seemingly innocuous everyday situations can breed opportunities for a love gesture in the home.

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Getting straight to the point, each 15-20-second video will start at the point of everyday tension and deliver a solution: we see a midnight fridge raider getting caught out; discover why siblings are the best partners-in-crime; and learn that sometimes, true love means faking a smile. Each video is an example of an everyday instance, or potentially troublesome situation, that can be avoided with a little of Life’s Good love.

According to the Managing Director LG Electronics West African Operations, Mr. D.Y Kim, The Life’s Good When You Get More Love campaign will shed light on the wide range of LG products that seamlessly integrate with family life and also give customers an opportunity to virtually explore the home central to the web series, boosting interaction and engagement while striving to add greater vitality to the brand. Customers can also choose their own ending, with alternative conclusions filmed for each short episode that are a nod to our shared experiences.

The Life’s Good When You Get More Love web series campaign ties in effortlessly with LG’s recently unveiled new brand direction and visual identity, which presents a more dynamic and youthful look, while also maintaining and reiterating the brand’s core values of ‘Uncompromised Customer Experience’, ‘Human-centered Innovation’, and ‘Warmth to Power a Smile’. The company is on the path to iconic status, and these short videos highlight LG as an enabler of small love gestures, creating a celebration of family that translates not only in Nigeria but throughout the African and Middle East regions.

To learn more about LG’s campaign, please visit: Get More Love

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