Galaxy Ring: Samsung confirms it is developing smart ring


From San José, USA – Samsung revealed that it is working on a new device: the Galaxy Ring. There is little information for now, but the company gave a spoiler about the device during a video presented at the launch of the Galaxy S24.

The expectation is that the device will help monitor the health and well-being of the person using it. The smart ring format is on the rise, so much so that several companies (of varying sizes) showed similar products during CES 2024, an electronics and technology fair that took place last week in Las Vegas

Trademark and app gave clues about Galaxy Ring

It’s been some time since some indications about a Samsung smart ring began to emerge. The company has held a patent for a ring to collect health data since October 2021.

In recent months, rumours have intensified. In March 2023, the company filed to register the Galaxy Ring brand in the US, which would be used for “wearable smart devices”. In July, South Korean media reported that the product was already in development.

The most recent information was in September when users found a ring icon in the Galaxy Wearable app, also used by Samsung’s smartwatches and wireless headphones.

The smart rings market still has few representatives. The most famous of these is the Oura Ring, which can be used to monitor sleep, heart rate, stress and more, and is even used by professional athletes. It is in its third generation and costs US$299.

Amazon also had a smart ring. Launched in 2019, the Echo Loop had a different purpose: giving voice commands to Alexa and making phone calls.


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