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Four factors to extend the life of lithium-ion batteries as much as possible

Most smart devices currently use lithium-ion batteries as a means of providing energy. In any case, the power of the lithium-ion battery will pass over time, so how can we maintain the battery more effectively and extend the battery life?

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After “researching dozens of academic papers and manufacturer’s manuals”, a team at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor organized a series of best practices to protect the life of lithium ion batteries as long as possible.

Over time, almost all components of the battery will degrade, including the anode, cathode, electrolyte, separator, and current collector. In a new study, the research team identified several major factors that cause battery degradation, and all of these factors are avoidable.

1. Avoid exposure to high and low temperatures, especially during charging.

If your phone gets hot on the charger, remove it. Also, avoid charging in extremely cold conditions. Extreme temperatures “may accelerate the degradation of almost all battery components.” As a guide, if the temperature is outside the range of 10-35 °C, please do not charge.

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2. The battery hates being too full or too little.

Ideally, you should never let them charge more than 80% or discharge to less than 20%, because out of range on either side will put pressure on the lithium ion battery and degrade it. If you need a fully charged battery, please continue to fully charge, and once it reaches 100% of the power, immediately remove it from the charger.

3. if possible, avoid fast charging and discharging.

Fast chargers seem convenient, but high current will heat and degrade the battery faster than slow current charging. The same is true for high discharge rates. Applications that consume a lot of power will be detrimental to your battery and will shorten its service life.

4. Finally, avoid using or storing lithium-ion batteries in a humid environment and “avoid mechanical damage, such as puncture.”

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