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Cyberpunk Codes and Cheats 2077 [Mod]

Cyberpunk 2077 cheats can be activated with modifications, although it may impair game performance in some cases

Cyberpunk 2077 was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it is precisely on computers where we can spice up the game with codes and cheats. However, it only works with a mod, which should be done carefully so as not to spoil the experience. Understand how to install and use Cyberpunk 2077 cheats.

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Cyberpunk Mod 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 does not support mods officially, at least with factory tools. Therefore, a modification may stop working after some game update. If so, we will update the text to reflect this.

As pc gamer explains, the term of use of Cyberpunk 2077 further explains that it does not allow you to use modifications in the game, so know that there is a risk of having any problem involving the use of the game involved in this procedure.

For now, the Cyber Engine Tweaks tool is the most suitable for modifying the game and using cheats in Cyberpunk. The download can be done on this Github link by downloading the Release.zip file, but the risk of using it is all user – if the game “breaks” or stops working unexpectedly.

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After downloading, do the following to install:

  1. Unzip everything in the “x64” folder, which is inside the “bin” folder, which in turn is in the Cyberpunk installation folder on the computer;
  2. In this same directory it is necessary to have the files Cyberpunk2077.exe and version.dll, to work;
  3. Open the game;
  4. If it is not, set the game to run in Window Mode, otherwise the mod will not work;
  5. When the game opens, press the simple quote, ‘, or tilde, ~, to open the console and use the commands.

One last tip: back up your savegame, so as not to risk giving some problem in the progress of the game.

Cyberpunk Commands and Cheats 2077

Some of the possible cheats for in-game use:

  • player.inventory.addItem(Items.money,1000) – Adds money, the number is the desired amount
  • player.inventory.addItem(Items below) – This generic code allows you to add multiple items to the player’s inventory, just add any code below within the parentheses
  • Items.mq001_scorpions_knife
  • Items.mq007_skippy
  • Items.mq008_golden_knuckledusters
  • Items.mq011_wilson_gun
  • Items.mq025_buck_gun
  • Items.Preset_Achilles_Default
  • Items.Preset_Achilles_Military
  • Items.Preset_Achilles_Nash
  • Items.Preset_Achilles_Neon
  • Items.Preset_Achilles_Pimp
  • Items.Preset_Achilles_Tiny_Mike
  • Items.Preset_Ajax_Default
  • Items.Preset_Ajax_Military
  • Items.Preset_Ajax_Moron
  • Items.Preset_Ajax_Neon
  • Items.Preset_Ajax_Pimp
  • Items.Preset_Ajax_Training
  • Items.Preset_Ashura_Default
  • Items.Preset_Ashura_Military
  • Items.Preset_Ashura_Neon
  • Items.Preset_Ashura_Pimp
  • Items.Preset_Base_Copperhead
  • Items.Preset_Base_Lexington
  • Items.Preset_Base_Masamune
  • Items.Preset_Baseball_Bat_Default
  • Items.Preset_Baseball_Bat_Denny
  • Items.Preset_Baton_Alpha
  • Items.Preset_Baton_Beta
  • Items.Preset_Baton_Gamma
  • Items.Preset_Baton_Tinker_Bell
  • Items.Preset_Burya_Comrade
  • Items.Preset_Burya_Default
  • Items.Preset_Burya_Military
  • Items.Preset_Burya_Neon
  • Items.Preset_Burya_Pimp
  • Items.Preset_Butchers_Knife_Default
  • Items.Preset_Cane_Fingers
  • Items.Preset_Carnage_Default
  • Items.Preset_Carnage_Military
  • Items.Preset_Carnage_Mox
  • Items.Preset_Carnage_Neon
  • Items.Preset_Carnage_Pimp
  • Items.Preset_Cattle_Prod_Tinker_Bell
  • Items.Preset_Chao_Default
  • Items.Preset_Chao_Military
  • Items.Preset_Chao_Neon
  • Items.Preset_Chao_Pimp

Source: PC Gamer.


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