Cyberpunk 2077: 5 tips on how to make money (edinhos)

by George Philip
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Cyberpunk 2077, open-world action RPG of CD Projekt Red, has several activities scattered throughout the map and some possibilities to get money (“edinhos”, in-game) to buy vehicles, clothing, cyber implants and more. Getting edinhos is not so difficult, but it is worth paying attention in ways that can speed up this process a little. Check it out below.

How to make money in Cyberpunk 2077

1. Explore the world

You can find physical money from paper scattered in some places on the map. This is even curious when it comes to a futuristic-themed game in which almost everything is digital. To find “lost” edinhos out there, you’ll have to walk and explore Night City, but there are some more conducive places to find some money rolls giving soft:

  • Keep an eye on safes, especially inside Corps houses/apartments (the city’s rich), or even in drawers or on desks in offices;
  • Drug dealers’ or gangs’ hideouts can be a good source of edinhos as well;
  • In more reserved areas of shops or bars/ nightclubs.

These are just a few places where there’s a higher occurrence of finding those heaps of rolled-up bills, but nothing prevents you from stumbling over some money on the streets.

2. Sell your junk

Big city, lots of garbage, lots of random and even unusual items can be collected in any corner. Anything that is categorized as “junk” in your inventory is exactly what the name means. There is no extra purpose for these items other than disposal, but of course there is a way to make some edinhos with it.

Search for machines scattered throughout Night City (they look like ATMs) and sell your junk there. It is also possible to sell useless items in all shopkeepers and even medicanics (medical/mechanical specialists in cybernetic implants).

Tip: If you don’t make such a point of having various food and beverage supplements, you can sell consumables and even your grenades. Oh, don’t forget to search the bodies of your defeated enemies too.

Sell items you no longer want

3. Sell clothes and equipment you don’t want

Here goes much of your immediate need for money yourself. I say this because to upgrade weapons and costumes you already have, or even to create new ones, you will need raw material. This feature is found by dismantling clothing and equipment (weapons) or spread around the world.

But if you need to sell them it is worth noting that the rarest an item (and with more upgrades installed, if there are slots for it) the more money you will get on sale. Again, it is possible to market them in junk vending machines and in any other shopkeeper or medicanic.

4. Insert systems to mine edinhos

Depending on how you are riding your character, you will have more chances of success in this ite. V may hack electronic terminals, security systems and computers to mine money.

For this, you will have a limited time to decipher a puzzle involving combinations of letters and numbers. The amount of attempts and time available to complete the task can increase as you have more points invested in hacking skills.

5. The obvious: do missions

V is a mercenary, so his primary source of money is his contracts. In the game, they are distributed among the main jobs, services and etc. Briefly: the main, secondary and extra activities.

They will all appear according to time. You will not necessarily receive cash payment for a mission; may be some item as well. But as I said before, just sell it if you want. Read also how to buy motorcycles and cars in Cyberpunk 2077.

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