Babbel vs Duolingo: which is better

More serious systems, with more ludicity and reward or price is what counts? Babbel or Duolingo: who wins this contest?

Babbel vs Duolingo: which is better

Looking for effective alternatives to improve and gain more vocabulary in another language? Today’s comparison brings two weight options: Babbel or Duolingo?, who can better help us in the long-dreamed fluency?

I know exactly what it’s like to go blind, deaf and dumb in a foreign country. There’s no rest. Sounds crazy. But, calm down, that phase passes. Promise. With this comparison, find out if it’s worth downloading one of the most used apps worldwide, or even combining them, in order to boost your learning.

Babbel vs Duolingo?

I selected some key categories for those who are in doubt between the two most talked about and downloaded applications in the language learning business through online applications and platforms.


Babbel was founded in 2007 and, according to its website, was considered “the most innovative education company by Fast Company, a reference magazine in innovation and business,” being the first educational technology application on the market.

Some considerations:

  • It is not the ideal type of course to become fluent, being recommended by professionals as an educational supplement;
  • The student is responsible for organizing the studies and maintaining motivation, which can be difficult for many people;
  • Although the “serious” design of the platform is considered a positive point for some people, it is a negative point in the context of universality that the course has only adults as a target audience.


Duolingo has a game system. As you develop, new modules open up, you increase your language fluency percentage and earn Lingots – virtual currencies that allow you to buy extra modules or maintain your proficiency level for days.

Some considerations:

  • There is a childish emphasis: it has pet figures and is very colorful;
  • It is necessary to follow the order of the contents arranged;
  • Bet mostly on repetition to fix the content;
  • There are no conversation lessons.


It has 14 languages, which can be accessed from 7 reference languages. Resulting in 98 combinations.It is possible to learn only 6 languages with Portuguese as the starting language.


More sober and follows a more traditional program.More gamified style with rewards.


Train your pronunciation on the microphone, write words and exercises with multiple choice options.There are lessons to complete, write and practice pronunciation in the microphone.
What you are doing in the mobile app can be finished on your computer, on their web page.The paid version takes ads, lets you download lessons and gives bonuses to the game.
Does not allow interaction with other users.Allows interaction with other users.


All languages have the same format, which can make it easier for those interested to study two or more languages at the same time.With daily goals and rewards, in which you earn medals and progress.
Rich content and prepares for the real world, focusing a lot on dialogues.Possibility to create daily goals and set reminders, competing with your friends.
Dialog tests are useful for understanding the context in which certain phrases should be used and consequently broadening language understanding.Exercises created by education professionals or language specialists.


Voice detection system.Voice detection system.
Native speakers.Native speakers.


Subscriptions with different durations: 1,3, 6 and 12 months. The longer your subscription, the less you pay per month.Duolingo Plus can be signed for 1 or 12 months.


A certificate can be issued at the end of the course by the web page.It is certified for English only.
Points to the level reached and the content seen.The certificate can be accepted at Harvard.
You do not have workload information.


The total amount of the contract is debited once at the time of purchase, according to the duration of the course you have chosen (monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual).All content is free.


You can cancel at any time, even one day before expiration.You can cancel at any time.
Even if you cancel, you can continue using until the end of the current subscription, without automatic renewal.Subscription cancellations cannot be undone, although you can always make a new subscription in the future.


Android and iOS.Android, iOS and Google Chrome.

In particular, I feel that for each language, an application fits better. Babbel, being the same in several languages, brings me greater security in migrating from one, searching for another and following the same system. Duolingo, on the other, only caused me a certain discomfort in not being able to skip stages.

Source(s): Babbel and Duolingo and LanguageCourse.


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