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Always Backup Your Data: This is Why

Backing up your data is always a great idea when it comes to technology. Accidents happen, technology issues happen, and the last thing you want is to lose all your precious data, photos, videos and music all in one go. The only way to give yourself peace of mind and be safe in the event of something going wrong is a backup. 

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In the event of your data being lost even the best Colorado Springs laptop repair company won’t be able to bring your data back.      

Why Backup Your Data?

Hard Drives Fail

It’s the nature of technology that it can fail after a long period of continuous use. This is because things such as hard drives have a lot of moving parts, even the more solid choices on the market. If even one part of the hard drive degrades over time, it can cause a widespread issue after years of continued use. 

This failure can look like your computer not booting up, suddenly having a reset happen or just losing all your data in one go. So before it gets to this point, consider doing regular backups. After all, data recovery is expensive. 

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Backups Save Time

A reliable data backup is one great way to save time. Essentially, if there is an issue with your computer and you have to take it to a computer repair service like DML computer repairs, you can bypass the need for data recovery and just fix the issue at hand. If it results in data loss, it’s no great problem, you can just restore the data and you’re back to using your computer as usual. 

Backups Give Peace of Mind

If just reading this article is making you stressed about the possibility of losing your data. You need to do a backup ASAP. The point of backing up your computer is largely for peace of mind and security. Even if your laptop has coffee spilt on it tomorrow, the backup you did last week will come in handy. 

What Are The Options For Backus?

To An External Hard drive

Using an external hard drive to store your backups is a traditional method. All you have to do is move your data to the hard drive or use a program like Apple Mac’s ‘Time Machine’ to back up your files. The best idea is to store your backup hard drive away from your computer, somewhere dry and safe, so you can easily access it and it won’t get lost if something goes wrong. 

To The Cloud

A very easy option for storing our data offsite is the cloud. This way it’s ready to use at all times as long as you have an internet connection. All you have to do is set your computer to create automatic backups from time to time and remain connected to the internet, and it usually happens without you thinking about it. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that some cloud backup options are not foolproof, so they can get corrupted or hacked, and you can’t restore a backup without the internet. 

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To a Drive Image

Aside from the above, there are some more advanced choices for backups and this includes taking a disk image of your hard drive. This is when you essentially compress everything on your hard drive and create an archival image of it. Then this image is used to restore your data.


This is more commonly used by businesses, but this is where you back up to a place where multiple people can access the backup at the same time. This is also a more expensive choice and takes some expertise. 

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