5 Apps for Exercising at Home

It's time to move! Meet apps that help you practice exercises at home, with workouts in different modalities

Apps for Exercising at Home

For those who are not adept at the gym, but know the importance that physical activities have in our daily life, we list here 5 applications to exercise at home. With different values and goals, they have options such as dance, stretching, sports and workout. See its features and find out which one fits your routine best!

Apps for exercising at home

1. Freeletics – Personal Trainer

Freeletics - Personal Trainer

One of the most popular apps of its kind, Freeletics offers a variety of workouts that can be done at home. In video, their programs do not require the use of devices, using, at most, some basic equipment such as carpets and dumbbells.

In its paid “Workout” version, you can create user-specific workout journeys. This is done through data you give to the app, such as weight, age, goals, fitness level, and even the equipment you own. It is this information that enables an artificial intelligence to play the role of coach, creating the best workouts for you.

In addition, the app also has the plan “Training and Nutrition”, which has tailored meal plans and healthy recipes.

Available: Android and iOS. It’s compatible with Apple Watch.

How much: The Basic Plan is free. In the paid version there are packages of 3, 6 and 12 months. For the 3-month package, the subscription “Training” goes for $34.99/month.

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Free, Nike Training Club is an app that, based on the user’s profile, indicates different categories of workouts (such as cardio and yoga, for example) so that they choose the one that best fits their needs. The trainings have video and audio in several languages, always informing their duration and at what level of conditioning they fit. Some, even, are guided directly by coaches.

For those who want to set a long-term goal, you can choose one of the ready-made training plans available in the application – such as the slimming plan, for example – which provides a several-week schedule created by professional trainers.

Available: Android and iOS. It’s compatible with Apple Watch.

How much: Free.

3. SmartGym: with Home Workouts

SmartGym: with Home Workouts

SmartGym was born as an organizer of physical activities. In it it is possible to create tokens and objectives for your routine, in addition to monitoring the progress of your activities. During the pandemic, however, he gained an update focused on teaching exercise sequences at home. Made through images and gifs, they are divided into objectives, duration and intensity.

In addition, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, he creates personalized workouts for the user, using only body weight or the equipment he owns.

Available: iOS. It’s compatible with Apple Watch.

How much: Freemium, with some free exercises, but having the main functions paid. Your “SmartGym Premium” plan comes out for $149.90 per year, with a free 7-day trial. There is also a specific plan for personal trainers to manage their students.

4. BTFIT – Fitness Academy

BTFIT - Fitness Academy

Freemium option to achieve your fitness goals, BTFIT is an app divided into three categories. The first, called training programs, are exercise routines to be done at home for several days or weeks. They are divided into various modalities, such as yoga, martial arts, stretching and dance.

The second is the collective classes (such as ballet fitness and cardio dance, for example), which are posted daily in the app, being conducted by real teachers. Most dispense with equipment, using only the body itself in the workout. But some, such as the indoor cycle, need specific devices.

Finally, the third, the online personal trainer prescribes exercise routines that are directed to the user’s goals. All of them are made by an algorithm, which uses the personal information provided, taking into account the places where the user trains and the equipment such as treadmill he/she has.

Available: Android and iOS. Available for Apple Watch.

How much: All videos and classes are free, but almost the entire app is paid for. The annual plan costs R$ 239.90 and the monthly R$ 24.90, both with a one-week trial period.

5. 8fit: Exercises and Food

8fit: Exercises and Food

Combining the fitness universe with good nutrition, 8fit offers video workouts – divided into categories such as pilates, strength and boxing –; daily classes in English conducted by teachers; and food plans, recipes and meal records.

In addition, through information such as height, weight and goals (such as losing weight, getting in shape or gaining muscle mass), the system can direct the best workouts and meals to the user, creating a “fitness plan” for them to follow. Through targeted weekly goals, he can keep up with his development and thus achieve the desired body.

Available: Android and iOS

How much it costs: Some workouts are part of the free plan, but only the “Pro” plan gives access to all content in the app. The subscription can be annual, semiannual, or monthly. For 1 month, the plan “Pro” costs R $ 32.90.


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