10 famous franchises that partnered with Fortnite

by George Philip
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That Fortnite is one of the most popular games in recent history, there’s no denying it. Thousands of players face each other daily in dynamic and fun matches, full of twists and turns. With that popularity came cameos, one more different than the previous one. So if you want to know some franchises that have partnered with Fortnite, you’re in the right place.

1. DC Comics


The partnership between the comic book giant DC and Fortnite has brought many characters to the Battle Royale game. More than ten names between heroes and villains made it to the game. Fans could have fun with skins of Batman, Joker, Aquaman, Black Manta, Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, among others. Of course, exclusive emotes and gear were also part of the packs.

2. Marvel Comics


Of course, the biggest names in Marvel have also made their way into the world of Fortnite. During more than one battle pass, fans were able to play alongside characters like Black Panther, Wolverine, Captain America, Storm, and more. In addition, emotes, gear, and themed backpack items also caught the eye of players.

3. Halo


The legendary protagonist of the series of FPS from Microsoft made its debut as an important partnership in Fortnite. Master Chief came as a stylish skin, in addition to bringing a map inspired by the Halo series games for “Capture the flag” matches. Finally, iconic vehicles such as a mini Warthog and the Pelican were also present.

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4. Chapolin


Immensely pleasing the Brazilian public, Epic Games did very well when it announced the partnership between Fortnite and the Red Thumb. Yes, players were able to have fun with Chapolin skins, as well as equipment like their Bionic Mallet. Even though there was no event of huge proportions, just the possibility of enjoying the game with the character was more than enough to please the fans.

5. The Terminator


The 80s and 90s character revival have also caught up with Fortnite. Featuring the iconic characters Sarah Connor and the T-800 from Terminator as skins, the game offered nostalgia with style. It’s worth remembering that like most crossovers, this one also brought emotes, custom pickaxes, and more involving the hit movie series.

6. Alien & Predator


Still, in the footsteps of important names from decades past, Fortnite players have already seen partnerships with both the Alien and Predator film series. The first brought the protagonist Ripley and the alien Xenomorph as skins, in addition to the Cheyenne Dropship spaceship as a hang glider. The second made players face the terrible hunter, if they won, their skin would be released for use in the game.

7. Naruto


In November 2021, one of the most unusual partnerships finally happened in Fortnite. The ninjas Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura were present in the battle royale of Epic Games. In addition to their unmistakable skins, equipment such as scrolls and shurikens were also part of a limited event.

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8. Street Fighter


Increasingly assuming itself as a pop culture icon, Fortnite has brought even the most beloved street fighters in gaming. Ryu, Chun Li, Guile and Cammy secured special moves and combos during battle royale matches. Of course, equipment, accessories, gestures and wallpapers for the loading screen also came in the bundle of those who bought the bundle.

9. God of War


The God of War did not want to be left out of the exciting matches of the Epic Games game. Kratos appeared as a limited skin, the bundle also featured Mimir’s head as a cosmetic item and a glider in the shape of a Spartan shield. PlayStation 4 or 5 players exclusively received an alternate look of the character in their gameplay.

10. Star Wars


Last but not least, one of the biggest franchises in film and television has also partnered with Fortnite on more than one occasion. Characters like Finn, Kylo Ren, Mandalorian and Rey have become very popular skins in the game. Everyone brought items like Jedi symbols, lightsabers, and even the beloved “Baby Yoda” to matches. I believe this crossover is far from over.

You can bet there will still be many more partnerships in Fortnite. Which franchise would you like to see in the future of the Epic Games game?

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