How to use Host Mode on Twitch

Know how to use the Twitch Host Mode, which allows you to host the transmission of another content channel on your


The Twitch lets you use the Host mode ( Host Mode ) to host the broadcast of another channel in your. That way, you allow your viewers to watch other content without leaving your channel. It is a way to promote partners, using your audience to leverage the growth of friends.

How to use Host Mode on Twitch

You can use Host Mode on Twitch either from your computer or your cell phone :

1. By computer

  1. Access your channel’s page on Twitch (usually, www.;
  2. In the chat field, type the message / host channelname , and press Enter .
    If the chat area is hidden, click on the arrow just below your profile photo to display it;
  3. The transmission of the chosen channel will begin;
  4. To stop the transmission, type / unhost and hit Enter .

2. By cell phone

  1. Open the Twtich app ( iPhone , Android )
  2. Touch your profile photo, and then Chat ;
  3. In the chat field, type the message / host channelname , and press Enter ;
  4. The transmission of the chosen channel will begin.

And ready.

The cool thing about Twitch Host Mode is that it was developed as a tool to give visibility to whoever is being hosted , and not who is hosting. The view count is entirely directed at the hosted channel, not at who is viewing someone else’s streams on their own.

This was done to allow large channels to use their visibility to promote small channels , and also to prevent small or empty channels from attracting audiences with the content of others , without having created anything relevant on the platform.

On the other hand, Twitch recommends some uses for Host Mode, in order to allow the host channel to grow in a healthy way:

  • Hosting conferences, such as E3 or PAX ;
  • Hosting eSports tournaments ;
  • Hosting channels you like, in order to establish a direct channel with your favorite content creators;
  • Hosting exclusive Twitch events ;
  • Hosting a channel smaller than yours , like a newcomer to Twitch, to help you grow;
  • Hosting broadcasts from your friends ;

And much more.


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