Windows 10 Headphones Not Showing Up In Playback Devices

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When customers connect their headphones to their Windows 10 computer, they are unable to hear the sound from them, and they do not appear on playback devices. All of the computer’s sound is played through the speaker, and the computer does not appear to recognize the headphones at all. This is a very common issue with Windows 10, and it’s usually easy to fix. 

To identify your headphone & check out its Plug and Play settings to make your sound clearer with a stronger signal and higher frequency speed there are quite a variety of solutions.  Visit our site to learn more about the many tips and tricks that may make your headphone detection or setting easy for you. 

Before you begin, make sure the headphones aren’t having a hardware problem by connecting them to another device. Many solutions have worked for other people, so make sure you follow the steps we’ve provided below.

Let’s Find Out The Reason For Headphones not to Show up in Playback Devices on Windows 10

The reasons for this issue are few and are usually connected to some other problems or behaviors performed by users. Take a look at the following list: By default, the headphones are turned off. Users have complained that their headphones were deactivated on playback devices, so double-check and enable them there. This sound management was at fault for some reason, and the problem went away when consumers removed it. Old or outdated drivers are always a source of numerous issues, so consider upgrading them. In this article, we’ll take into account these issues and read about the solution to get rid of these issues. 

Solution # 1

Check If Your HeadPhones Are Disabled

It’s conceivable that Windows 10 has disabled the headphone’s sound output by default, as it frequently finds it superfluous and never sets it as default. This is a significant oversight on Microsoft’s part, as concealing the device on reproductive devices was clearly unneeded. Check to see whether this is the source of your issue! 

  • Open the control panel on your PC and configure the option for large icons by right-clicking on the volume icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and selecting playback devices. 
  • Another option is to open the control panel on your PC and configure the option for large icons by configuring the option for large icons Then, to open the same window, find and select the Sounds option. 
  • In the sound window’s playback tab, which has just been opened. Right-click anywhere in the window’s center, then check the boxes next to Disabled Devices show and Display Devices Disconnected. Your headphones should now appear. 
  • Click the Set Default button underneath the newly displayed headphones, which will change the sound to them as soon as they are connected.

Solution # 2

Uninstall Realtek HD Sound Software

Despite the fact that the software is highly useful as a big audio administrator, customers have claimed that their headphones only started working after they uninstalled it. You can try reinstalling it to check if the problem persists! 

  • Open the Search Control Panel from the Start menu. If you’re running Windows 10, you may also open the configuration by clicking the gear icon.
  •  Select View Category in the top right corner of the control panel, then click to remove an application in the Programs area. 
  • If you’re using the Settings app, go to the Applications tab and click on the apps. Open a list of all the apps installed on your computer right now. 
  • On the control panel or in the configuration, find the Realtek HD Audio Manager tool and select Uninstall. Its Uninstall Wizard must launch, so follow the on-screen directions to remove it. 
  • When the process of uninstalling is done. You can finish the process and consider restarting your system. 
  • Make it sure that the problem is resolved before reinstating the Realtek HD sound system. 

Solution # 3

Change The Settings For Microphone 

Users who have recently installed a microphone or a camera (with a built-in microphone) may see that these devices have been set as default. Users have been able to cure their problem with headphones by altering certain microphone setups, so be sure to check it out below! 

PRO TIP:   if there is any issue in your laptop or PC, you can consider restoring the old setting of your system. This will help you in recovering your old data or settings. This way you can easily troubleshoot many of your problems. 

You may get Restore by clicking here, then go to the volume icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and select the recording devices. 

You can also consider another method. Open your PC’s control panel  and change the settings to enlarge the icons. Open the same window again and go to selecting the sound settings. 

You can click on your desktop screen. Then go for checking adjacent boxes to know about the disbaled devices or to check the disconnected devices in the window 10. 

A new entry in the Stereo mix should appear. To activate the newly appearing stereo mix entry, click on the Enable button underneath it. 

You may get Restore by clicking here, then go to the volume icon in the bottom right corner of your screen and select the recording devices. Another method is to enter the control panel on your PC and change the view to Large icons. Then, to open the same window, find and select the Sounds option. In the sound window’s recording tab, which has just been opened.

Solution # 4

Update the Drivers for the Device

Updating the driver is an excellent way to address a variety of hardware-related issues, and this situation is no exception. If none of the other options worked, uninstalling the existing controller and replacing it with a new one should solve the problem. Take the actions outlined below! 

Check out the available result and click on the first option. Open “ Device Manager” and check related options to find the available options. 

You may also launch the Run dialogue box by using the Windows + R key combination. In the dialogue box, type “DevmGMT.MSC” and click OK to run it.


Solution # 5

Run the Built-in Audio Troubleshooter

Unlike other generic replies that consumers typically receive, this solution was provided by a Microsoft employee and has helped many individuals. This approach is beneficial since it activates the built-in playback audio troubleshooting, which attempts to detect and resolve the issue. Carefully follow the instructions: 

  • From the Start menu, go for the settings and click on the first result that displays. You may also use the Windows Key + I key combination or the COG button on the bottom left of the Start menu. 
  • Check the update and safety section. 
  • Troubleshoot the audio & execution difficulties.
  • Follow the direction according to the window settings. 
  • Click to check whether the issue has been resolved and if your headphones have been added to the list of playing devices! 

Expert Tip: If none of the above approaches have worked, we propose using the restoration repair tool, which can check the repository for corrupt and missing files and restore them. Applying this process will work in many situations and result in sorting out the problem’s solution. Restoring will also enhance the performance of the system. 


Professional gamers certainly need high-tech or functional accessories like gaming mouse, PC, Keyboard or Of Course headphones that are working properly. Knowing about the above mentioned troubleshooting methods will not affect their gaming environment or individuals should also know about these hacks to avoid any disturbance due to any of the headphone issues!

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