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8 WhatsApp tips for schools, teachers and educators

WhatsApp for teachers; messaging application tools can assist educators in the challenge of distance learning

WhatsApp for teachers and educators can be a tool to assist in day-to-day classes online.

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Google Classroom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are some of the platforms used by educational institutions to create and manage virtual classrooms. However, WhatsApp also has features that can help distance learning.

In the case of students, according to the messaging application itself, it is necessary to be at least 13 years old to use the service. Even so, it is always recommended that children and adolescents be supervised and assisted by their parents or guardians during activities on the web.

WhatsApp Tips for teachers

1. Send files to multiple students at once

In the messenger, it is possible to create a broadcast list, to send questionnaires and worksheets to several students, at once. This feature optimizes the time and allows you to send files quickly to multiple recipients.

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It is important to note that only contacts who have saved their number can receive their messages, in an individual conversation, through the broadcast list. See how you can also send a WhatsApp message without saving the number on your phonebook.

2. Share audio of class lessons

Some students adopt, as a study strategy, recording the audio of the class to listen again later, when revising content taught in the classroom.

On WhatsApp, teachers can share, by voice message, classes already taught to students. This allows them to reminisce about important topics of the subject taught and to fix the content effectively.

To maintain organization, educators can create a group for each class. When sending the files, the group name can be searched in the search bar.

share auido and voice notes of class lessons

3. Ask questions by video calls

The video calls in WhatsApp groups and Messenger allow up to eight participants. Therefore, it is not ideal to create a virtual classroom for many students. However, the format allows you to create small groups of students to answer specific questions.

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whatsapp group video call

If you still don’t have the student’s phone number, you can create an invite link and share it on professional profiles on other platforms, such as Facebook. Students can use this option to start a conversation with you on WhatsApp by clicking on the link.

whatsapp invite link

5. Update your status

The messenger status can be useful for giving notices and sharing schedules and course menus. Tips for further reading, lesson plans and educational videos also fit this space.

update whatsapp status with classroom plans

6. Increase security

With the intense flow of important files in the Whatsapp messenger, adding an extra layer of security is recommended. Fingerprint blocking on your phone is an option to prevent third parties from accessing the app.

This feature also allows you to select a time interval for fingerprint authentication to be requested again.

whatsapp fingerprint lock feature

7. Use the PC version of the WhatsApp messenger

The WhatsApp Web interface can be more practical to manage a high volume of messages. Not to mention that, if you are already working on the computer, it is easier to do all tasks in one place.

It is worth remembering that the group video or voice calling feature only works in the mobile app. That is, for this function, the use of the cell phone will be indispensable.

Use whatsapp web

8. Avoid account lockout

When a person does not have their number registered in the smartphone’s phonebook, the options “save contact” and “block” are displayed in the private conversation.

Messages with many reports can cause a block in your account. To avoid this, indicate that students save and backup their numbers in the phone’s phonebook and avoid sending automatic messages to groups.

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