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What’s new with the PlayStation 5 party?

Learn more about parties on PlayStation 5 and what new features are available to players

Joining groups to play as a team or just chatting is a very common thing on PS4, and now creating a party on PlayStation 5 has become more practical and with a lot more features. In between, it is possible to have an exclusive space for up to 99 people.

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In addition to being a great place to focus a group of friends’ conversations on a multiplayer match, for example, you can also share game content with other party people (prints and videos), send voice messages (if not in a chat chat), send your own PlayStation stickers, and so on.

Not necessarily all members of a party on the PS5 need to have the new Sony console. You can also be part of a group created by someone on a PlayStation 5 using a PS4 and in the PlayStation app. In the case of the app, if you’re going to use the voice chat feature, the quality of the conversation may vary depending on the quality of the network you’re connected to.

Playstation 5 parties

More ways to interact and share

It’s more practical to start a multiplayer match with the parties on ps5. Just create the group you’re going to play with and go straight to the game. No invitations are required. But of course, everyone at the party needs to have the game.

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In addition it is possible (and highly recommended) to use group voice chat to exchange information with your friends faster during matches. Also on voice chat, up to 16 people can chat at the same time on both PlayStation 5 and PS4 and the mobile app.

Want to show the party what you’re playing? Just turn on the “Screen Sharing” feature. Transmission latency is usually low (at least better than on PS4), but it also depends on the quality of the connection of who is transmitting.

You can also use Share Play (you must have an active subscription on PS Plus) to allow a trusted friend to control some game of yours or play some game that has local co-op mode.

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All organized in one place

To help you better organize things and know where you are, for example, your active party and the last of which you created and/or participated just go to the Base Game, located at the bottom of the user interface – which appears as soon as you press the PlayStation logo button in DualSense.

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As stated, Game Base keeps records of all your interactions with friends, conversations, and parties. The feature also applies to the PS4 and PlayStation App, so you and your friends can stay connected in one of these three options.

And that’s it. The ability to create a party on PlayStation 5 has been improved, gained more options, does not restrict groups to only PS5 owners and allows broadcasts and voice conversations with low latency (again, it will depend on the quality of the connection of those involved).

Source: PlayStation Blog.

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