What The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Has Revealed About Crypto

by George Philip
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Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, people have seen how well cryptocurrencies work in the real world. Because of this conflict, there are a lot of sanctions and new ways to pay for things based on the blockchain. The News Spy is one of the greatest trading platforms and allows you to invest in crypto.

The conflict, which is about to start its ninth month, has shown that blockchain technology could be used in many different ways. One of these ways is to help people who are in need. It has also shown how much control national governments can have over cryptocurrency networks.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency markets are more or less still run by a lot of different people. This means that they are even better at running their businesses when there is a crisis,” he said.

Kuna, FTX, and Everstake set up the fund to help with military and humanitarian projects in Ukraine. Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation is in charge of it right now. Since the project started, people have given the Ukrainian government more than $100 million in bitcoins.

The UkraineDAO is one of the most important. It was started in February to give money to the Ukrainian military to help them. This has always been its main goal. One of the people who helped start the project was the Russian critic Nadya Tolokonnikova. She also helped start the feminist protest group Pussy Riot, of which she was one of the first members. Trippy Labs is a founding member of UkraineDAO, along with PleasrDAO. Trippy Labs is a place where you can make generative NFT. So far, more than $8 million has been raised for the project.

Even though things are hard, the government says that people who were hurt by the war can still get their money:

The cryptocurrency was created so that people worldwide could keep more of their own money.

Kroot also talked about how more and more aid groups working inside the country use digital currency. There were fewer rules and limits on how these funds could be used, which made it easier for the money to get to the people who needed it most,” she told me.

On the dark web, people also share fake messages asking for cryptocurrency. This is similar to how people share fake posts on social media.

The dark web is a separate network from the regular internet. It comprises websites that aren’t indexed, so regular web browsers and search engines can’t find them. You can only get to the dark web with specific web browsers.

People try on purpose to stop regular Internet users from accessing the dark web. It is safe to sell drugs and guns in underground markets and do other illegal things. Blackhats also sell stolen personal information to people who don’t know what’s going on through the dark web.

In the past, rules limited the amount of money that could be traded or put into Russian cryptocurrency wallets and accounts to 10,000 euros.

Some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance and Coinbase, are based in Europe, which just passed crypto laws. They had to stop serving people and businesses in Russia to avoid a regulatory conflict.

In July, the Kremlin made a rule that says digital currencies like bitcoin and ether can’t be used to pay for things. But recently, the way the Russian government talks has changed. 

As people find new ways to use cryptography in a broader range of situations, more of its benefits and limits may become clear.

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