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What is Twitter for professionals?

Available since the end of 2021, Twitter for professionals is an alternative for those who want to use their account on the popular social network to present their work to other users. People often look for sources to buy Twitter followers to get rapid success. Of course, there are requirements that must be followed, but this first step is already important, especially for those who want to monetize their content in some way. Know more.

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The new feature made available by the social media giant offers the opportunity for the user to change their regular account to a professional one. With that done, new options will appear to make the page more personalized. Some examples of Twitter modifications for professionals are:

  • Selection of a category consistent with the content presented;
  • Suggested topics for content;
  • Tweet promotion;
  • Creation of monetized campaigns; 
  • Permission to use the “Quick Promote” feature; 
  • Profile customization using modules such as an online store or your own newsletter.

Who can use Twitter for professionals?

Of course, not every user of the social network is allowed to become an official official on the platform. According to the “Professional Account Policy”, the necessary requirements are:

  • There must be no repeated violations of account history under the Twitter User Agreement;
  • The profile must be complete, with account name, a bio and a profile picture;
  • The real identity must be very clear in the profile. In this way, fake, fan or parody accounts cannot become professional;
  • Only existing accounts can be changed, that is, it is not possible to create a new profile already as a professional.

If you meet the above requirements, you can try switching from a standard account to a professional one. Simply click the “More” button on your Home Page, then click the “Twitter for Professionals” option, read the terms and click the “Agree and Continue” button. Just follow the steps below to ask for approval.

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For now, this feature is still very new. Companies and content creators are still learning the best ways to use Twitter for professionals. With that in mind, only those who are fully interested in keeping the account for work or promotion purposes should take the first steps in this type of profile.

The good news is that the social network allows the user to give up their professional account and return to their default profile with a simple press of a button. That way, it might be worth experimenting before actually deciding to venture into this Twitter novelty.

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