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What is the difference between copyright, copywriting and copywriter?

Confused by the similar names? Find out the difference between copyright, copywriting and copywriter so you don't get lost

Words that sound similar but have different meanings are called homonyms.

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See below, what is the difference between copyright, copywriting and copywriter. Although the beginning of the words are the same, their meaning is quite different, especially copyright and copywriting.

Copyright is one of the forms of intellectual property determination. Its main objective is to protect an individual’s art, inventions or ideas.

The copyright gives the owner or assignee – the one who obtained permission from the owner – the legal and exclusive right to film, reproduce, print, publish and register something that has been creatively designed.

Anyone who is making creative material may be the copyright holder in their creations. In short, when the creator fixes his work in a tangible way, such as a composer writing a song, a photographer doing his portraits or an artist painting a canvas, he becomes an author and owner.

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Additional records can be made to ensure materiality in proving authorship in lawsuits, for example.

What is copywriting?

In a simpler definition, copywriting is a writing technique. Its main feature is to be a process of writing persuasive marketing content – with great appeal for decision-making by those reading.

Communication and marketing professionals often refer to this content as“copywriting“. Persuasive writers, or those who write texts of this nature, have three central objectives: amplify brand knowledge, gain consumer confidence, and increase sales or engagement.

We can define it as the central goal of copywriting: to get people to act, buy, or make decisions. However, other objectives of action – CTAs, or Call to Action – may include: entering an email list, downloading a file, following a brand on social networks and donating to a cause, or all of the above.

What is copywriter?

The copywriter is the professional who works directly on the persuasive strategy of his texts, invoking the reader to make decisions, as we call above, the Call to Action.

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Not to make mistakes, if you need to describe what a copywriter does, say that they are professionals specialized in creating persuasive content, with the possibility of having metrics common to Marketing to measure their results and efficiency.

That’s the difference between the three terms that at first seem to be the same thing, but they’re not. Good luck.

Source: Ethoscopywriting.

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