What is infographic?

by George Philip
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What is infographic

Using an infographic is a great way to communicate information quickly, making it more practical to understand complex data. This type of tool can contain illustrations and other graphic elements, including written text, as long as they are objective phrases – all for the purpose of making any information easily scanable.

Infographics has its roots in prehistory

Despite being one of the main forms of communication that we currently see in social networks (and on the web, in general), infographics is used by resources known since prehistory (such as rock paintings, which tell the history of humanity well before the invention of writing).

Maps can also be considered one of the primitive forms of infographic, but you don’t have to go that far to understand: have you ever wondered if, by chance, we were going to see the subway lines exactly as they are positioned geographically? Depending on the region, the information would probably be confusing, with overlaps or agglomerated data. To facilitate visualization and understanding, the lines are arranged differently from the real one, maintaining the notion of meaning and the names of the stations.

With the popularization of computer software such as Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, and later even simpler online tools such as Canva, it’s easier to put together attractive infographics – even if you’re not a designer or illustrator. But tooling simplicity doesn’t necessarily translate the art of reconciling data and putting together a really useful infographic. For this, you need to have in mind some basic principles.

See below an example infographic

101 of the Best Infographic Examples on 19 Different Subjects

What to know before creating an infographic?

Just like in a written text, video or podcast, before creating an infographic, you need to think hard about what you have to say. The best way to pass complete information objectively is to master the subject – only then is it possible to understand what is important and what can be cut when communicating.

Therefore, the creation of an infographic requires research, which can be done by a screenwriter, a writer, a reporter or even by the creator of the illustrative piece. Keep in mind that the person who will mount the infographic doesn’t always have the best skills to perform this research – if you’re doing it as a team, know how to delegate tasks.

Finding the right infographic type will also help keep the information clearer.

For example…

You can choose a part in list format to enumerate 10 benefits of protein intake, for example. But it can also assemble a comparison of a diet rich in protein items and a disabled of these elements.

How to choose? Well, just check the advantages and disadvantages in each type, adopting what makes the most sense.

Going back to our example above: if the benefits of protein intake are many, it may get tiring and even tedious to look at this list. However, a comparison with the diet lacking these elements can cause curiosity and identification.

In general, the most common infographic types are:

  • Lists
  • Maps/geographic
  • Statistical
  • Timeline
  • Comparative

Last but not least, you need to think about the format of your infographic. If you will post it on Instagram Stories, it should suit the proportions of this feature, and your information should be readable has smartphone screens in vertical format. The scenario changes when the target is a physical poster, when you can explore other dimensions and forms of organization. Choosing the format is important to make the infographic functional for the public.

5 sites to create an infographic

We have put together a list of the best sites to create infographics easily, for free.

1. Canva


One of the most popular design apps today, Canva is the perfect tool for those who are getting started and need easy-to-use visuals. With a simple and intuitive interface, the application has several elements for the assembly of presentations, editing images and creation of graphic pieces, including infographics.

You can also find semi-ready templates: just choose the starting point and edit as you prefer. The main advantage of Canva is that it has an app for smartphones.

Read: How to use Canva to edit photos.

2. Easel.ly


the Easel.ly is exclusively for infographics and has a wide gallery of templates for customization (you can use the search bar and check box to choose the appropriate category according to your project easily).

To use, simply create a free account or register with a Facebook or Google profile. You can also create an infographic from scratch, but the interface is available in English only.

3. Infogram


Another cool option is Infogram, which has several pre-assembled layouts for the assembly of parts – including maps of continents.

Despite having paid plans, you can use the service for free, but by opting for this type of account, there are few infographic template options available.

4. Venngage


Venngage allows you to create infographics, slideshows, reports, resumes, mind maps and many other graphic pieces.

When you create an account (which can be linked to Facebook or Google), the service will ask you what types of design you’d like to create. Based on your choices, the tool will suggest the best template options on the home screen – but you’ll have access to all the content through the sidebar.

As with other websites and apps, there are some exclusive options for premium and business subscribers.

5. Visme


Visme is another good service for creating infographics (among other design pieces). In addition to the free templates, it allows you to create your infographic from scratch, offering various elements for building highly flashy images such as boxes, geometric shapes, lines, blocks of text and a wide variety of fonts.

So, did you like the tips? Now simply choose your preferred website to start making communication projects more attractive with the help of infographics.

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